Monday, February 9, 2015

Perspective( FISHY THOUGHTS)

Every Mercury Retrograde, I seem to write something or be inspired to write through my journey. I've been reading comments on my facebook and on mine twitter about arguments with others, and issues with other people are coming up. The problem we can say it's planetary because Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Bring about this need for one's personal freedom or bringing out the need of the EGO.     Ego talks a lot about this time because Mercury rx shows what we want and some of us it's time to be alone, or peace and quiet. It's hard to obtain at home especially if married. I feel that when we talk about our situations, and take the other person's situation and compare the two. It gives us an opportunity to relate to each other. For example, my husband and I, my husband use to be a delivery man . He use to whine everyday about how he would clean and clean , sometimes not even get lunch. Now he's an account manger. I'm still a business owner, a mom, and a housewife. I clean my house but sometimes with all I have to do , I want him to help me . Instead of sitting on the couch watching me clean. So I don't yell at him because my feelings are coming from a place of ego. My feelings are being reactive so I must keep going; I know you have to develop a certain discipline to keep ego at bay but as I change spiritually so does my situation and the people in my life. You'll notice every five years we are not in the same place we were in five years ago.     I told him this and I could tell he didn't understand so I put things in perspective. I said " remember how you felt as delivery man cleaning while everyone stands around." Instead of getting into to a reactive screaming match and fighting because thats what my ego lives for. I change the script, he understood better, and he said I 'm a lazy person. He said, he will be more aware of my needs and situation and he's going to work on it.  We didn't yell, we came to a compromise and an understanding of where we are coming from.    This is an example of perspective, because when you make your situation relatable to what another person be through you have an easier time coming to a solution and understanding each other. You also have to talk with yourself and ask is this coming from a place of Ego, because not everything is about the other person sometimes it's just about you going through some emotional changes or needing to change somethings about yourself.