Sunday, December 27, 2015


Major decisions are coming up for the week. I feel this has to do with moving and maybe to a different state or country. Also this week some situations that you are going through or been going through work out for you in a spectacular manor. There is a crisis situation around you careful how some of you handle the situation because you may be more of the problem, or not helping the situation.This is a great energy also this week with career and business endeavor but make sure what you are conjuring and give you tangible results

For some of you major decision are going to be made in regards to love relationships. Either moving to the next stage or relationship or endings coming up.Your thoughts at this time are aligned with your reality this week.Looking at the cards this is going to be a fun partying week for some of or some of you may party really hard on New Years Eve.

For my single ladies a great energy to mingle, could some of you have love at first site?This is a great energy to get rid of things or people that cut in between your peace of mind.The cards are showing allot of alone time happening , but this might not be a bad because great master piece are created when we are left on our own. Also for some careful with the gossip at work . For some of you , you may get thrown under the bus. Keep those emails and keep a paper trail

It's best when your dealing with drama not to say nothing. I see someone around you getting you in trouble and twisting your words around.Also you need to watch your emotional self because I see a situation upsetting and you wanting to complain about but not look for a solution. Warn people that you are here to vent not to look for answer or solve the problem.At this time know that responsibility you are carrying is worth carrying

Major decision in regards to moving. I see that your ideas or your way of doing things at work or with family maybe a threat to someone at work or a family member.For some of you a great money opportunities or business opportunities are coming your way. For others this week doll yourself up because you get a new love to ring in the New Year.A big lesson this week is you need to learn to ask for help and your pride is going to create problems with your relationships

For some of you prefer to bring in the new year alone rather than partying with bad company. This is a great week to receive help in regards to business venture or in projects.Money matters will drive you to make a bold move.Money matters are emphasized this week.Love is also highlighted. For some opportunities to meet someone new and for others your love relationship may be at the final stage of being single
This is a great energy to express yourself in a creative way to your love ones. Your charisma is at an all-time high and you can seduce a great catch with a dramatic ease. Your vision will be assisted greatly if the thing you are creating benefits large numbers of people, even if those benefits are simply for people to be merely entertained by what you create.Also the cards are showing that you are going to enjoy socializing and get together this week

Make up to break up that all we do , for you love me than you hate me thats a game for fools. As a shuffle this is what spirit is relaying to me for some of you. The cards are giving me signals abandoning what comforts you as you strike out to take on the world, another theme of the self-confidence that is inherent in the Strength card.I also you have control over specific area of your life this week.the power of your creativity is extraordinarily high. This is a great chance to impress a boss or authority figure if you are working on an important project. Just be careful to try and work with everyone in a fair manner. The Knight is emboldened by other Wands and can leave diplomacy behind.

Thoughts of exs are coming back this week, I feel also possibility for some to work things just watch what you say. You need to becareful with obsessive thoughts or longing about past relationships, because your alienating yourself from any possible future love interest to come in. Also love is focus this week in the cards. I do see love opportunities coming in for ‪#‎Saggies‬.

At this time for some of you. You could be fighting with a parent, or you may have to work harder for the things you want or even do it yourself this week.The issue is definitely money and its alienating power. Perhaps you are in a social clique with some women who are economically more well off than you and you are feeling bad about this.Try not to focus on where other people are at. Take as a sign as to where you are going

I see at this time for some you are delving deep with in yourself to give you insight on a situation.Also for some of you , you need to socialize and get out there. The hermit thing is doing you any good.I do see major changes are coming up for you . This is for better or worst just keep it positive.The cards do indicate a peaceful out come coming up for you


The road you choose will have a lifetime of positive reinforcement about it.This could be in regards to love relationships.You and another person in your life who do not see eye to eye on anything. If you are studying the occult or subjects that are heavy in mysticism; a great time to be in a higher consciousness. I feel also that people may be generous and helpful to you because they want to be so you don't owe them anything. Being good for the sake of being good , BLESSED BE

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I think one of the longest transit we have till March of next year is
chiron opposing Jupiter:You need patience with this energy because at times or what you are waiting                                          for your faith will be shaken
pluto trine jupiter till june 2016: This energy indicates a lucky time you get what you wish for. As                                                            above so  below,
 pluto squaring uranus till August 17: Expect the unexpected a reversal of fortune. As Uranus leaves                                                                Aries the energy weakens.
 north node quincunx Uranus till July 2016:This is about career changes during this period watch the                                                                         emotional self
Jupiter Conjunct north node January 20 till March 04 where it wont conjunct back till June

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prediction Charlie Sheen

I'm going to call out Charlie Sheen. Next year from May -September. I wont be surprise if he starts to go to court and people he slept with press charges on him or try to take him to jail , TRY is the big word because Mars goes retrograde next year so he'll get out of it. I predict this news will more than likely start in May. Because he has Saturn transiting in the seventh house of Sagittarius with his north node in Gemini. Squaring his natal Saturn in Pisces. Than his natal Saturn will be squaring the sun in Gemini. With so many planets in retrograde in May of next year. Allot of truth is going to come out because these people have nothing to lose and allot to gain.  And I wont be surprise if it brings out Hiedi Fliess out of the wood work the former madam. So some money will be coming in for her at this time. She may have to testify next year because allot of women now are going to be coming out for the 12 seconds of fame. Plus for money . Allot of the women she use to work with are going to come out of the wood work next year.  I see this all starting when the sun starts to move into the sign of Gemini in May around the week of 23 because it's going to form a square with his 1,5,7,11. All these women are going to be coming out of the wood work to speak up.       

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fishy thoughts: White candles n' affiramtions

This week as I'm feeling inspired with my adult coloring book, and have all my candles lite for my intentions to go out to the universe. I was reminded again by a viewer that as part of voodoo tradition,and part of my upbringing . I should do a video about candles. Well I dunno about that but I will write about it , because I'm feeling that creative direction.
The white candle,I like the white candle because it delves into Kabbalah and using that candle light energy to draw in literally spiritual light energy. Also I use white candles to call in those who have passed away . To help me connect with the angels in relaying messages or prayers to them. Also what I like about candles especially white candles is writing my intentions of the candle. And letting the candle melt them away.
I do this by getting  a white candle stick make sure it's not one of those that are encased in glass. Any size candle stick will do . I know how to make my own so my energies are in there so those would be even better if you know how to make your own. You take a pencil,a tooth pick. You begin to write your intentions, and what you want. I'm coming from a different so instead of asking for things that I want. Because I know that God and his angels all know my intentions and that they will come to fruition. I begin to ask God what he would like for me to do, and I thank him for all the blessings so far and the blessings that are sure to come. You can do this, especially this week with the full moon in Gemini on Wed. Which is about planning, creating goals and planting seeds . To put your intentions on to a candle so they can manifest . But don't put your intentions to harm some one else or else because Saturn in Sagittarius , you will get that Karma back quick.Set your intentions on there and when they start to come Thank God for the blessings so he can bring more into your life.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Little info on Saturn conjunct with the sun in Sagittarius :fishy thoughts

The first decant Saggies will feel Saturn affects this year the most because Saturn will be at ten degrees when the sun moves into Capricorn. The sun in Sagittarius with early decants will have Saturn conjunct with sun. 2 decants can feel this energy as well but not the full affect till February and March at 16 degrees. Also Saturn will be going in retrograde at 16 degrees.So the second decants will be experiencing more problems with family and people at work next year. Saturn will go retrograde at 16 degrees so those in the beginning of the 2 decant will feel the affects more around this degree. As well as all mutuable signs next year in March-till August. when your natal sun at 11-20 degrees in fall. Those first decants near ten degrees also will feel this energy later in July and August. 

Monday, October 26, 2015


marienmoorehoroscope: FISHY THOUGHT:PAST LOVES, INFATUATIONS and HOW TH...: I felt inspired this week to write about my ex Sean. I love him, truly love him, and yes I'am married.  I can't see myself with out ...


I felt inspired this week to write about my ex Sean. I love him, truly love him, and yes I'am married.  I can't see myself with out my engine the one who started Marie Moore horoscopes. The one who I try to be like because he reminds allot  of Jesus and sometimes I call him Jesus.  He loves me so much he can't keep my name out of his mouth. Yes, people I don't even know, know who I'am because thats how much my husband loves to talk about me and that is how proud he is of what we accomplished: as business partners, and as a family.  This week, Adele ,Hello came out and all of a sudden a flood of emotions about Sean came out.
I felt  like I needed to talk to Sean. I wanted to reconnect with him. I know if I were to reconnect with him.We would start were we left off like nothing ever happened.This is because we both have Saturn in Virgo, north node in Leo. My moon in Taurus and his sun in Taurus.We are very passionate with each other and love each other deeply. But we have had past lives together and we had and have karma with each other. Which means that it wont last. We didn't really break up with each other either. My mother broke up our relationship for us and also the universe. I was in a car accident and broke my ankle. I broke my ankle in Massachusetts where Sean lives.This energy changed everything. I wasn't able to walk on that foot period, and he wasn't able or wanting to take care of me Period. I remember the Head Doctor in charge of broke bones. Giving me his card and his phone personal phone number because he thought Sean was being abusive. I didn't think that he was abusive towards me. I think his reactions that he made to the doctor is what made the doctor concern. Maybe Sean's lack of empathy towards my situation was a red flag to the doctor. Any who , I went back home to Florida. The health insurance I had in Massachusetts wouldn't cover any rehabilitation that I got in Florida. My mother didn't want me to go back up to Massachusetts. So end my relationship with him. I tried to convince to come down to Florida, but because he was concerned of what his family thoughts of me , he stayed up there. He never called me ever again, never looked for me , I don't even know if I'm a thought? I had to do my own rehabilitation which took several months and hurt like crazy. I never really got over him, so he always was in the back of mind. This week with that song and it made me romanticize this relationship I had. I've been opening my chakras and letting go , letting go . Finally got over my mother, and then he comes up. I had to talk about with my husband. My husband said he would kill him. I delve more into what did that mean. I finally figured it out. I have a horrible time letting go of people in my past who I loved and still love.  I had  to this week delve deep and look at the relationship realistically. I feel that his idiosyncrasies were more than enough reason to let him go. Sean was very cheap, I had two jobs living on my own and sometimes he would stay with me. Never paid for a dam thing. Are dates were McDonald and if he had a coupon at Mcdonalds. I paid for everything.He cared very much about he looked so he would always be the last to leave. He cared what his family thought, and I don't think they liked me,he liked to be to himself and allot of times didn't live with me and stayed where ever he was at. Which I don't know . He had way to many female friends and the way I knew about them is on a needs to know basis.I was super needy , my mother was driving me batty because she would call his family or call anyone who would listen and tell them I'm crazy .Plus I didn't like being broke and I didn't like he didn't take care of me like he should. Isn't amazing how the mind can romanticize a situation that wasn't good for us and make us think it was absolute best relationship, when it wasn't.  So I started to think about this . I started to think about how the relationship really was and how my relationship with my husband was. As I began to do this and the song no longer made me feel a certain. I realized I let go that part of me and I 'm very much at peace with that part of my life.
 It's not a good idea to look at the past because the past never changes. If I were to visit him , I bet he hasn't change and I'll call it . He maybe single still because he was very stubborn in not changing his way of thinking and doing things. I realize that  memory or thought represent sometimes  a blockage that we need to remove. Sometimes we have to be discerning is it intuition talking or is it something I need to work.Rather than just running away with this thought. I thought differently about it because sometimes are brain . Brings up:people, or situations from our past because we need to let go of them. But we interpret that as it's are our intuition talking to us or we have to fullfill that need because we are thinking of it. Think of it this way every time . You had a nasty thought or a thought to kill someone you don't go after that thought. You dont intrigue that thought.You ignore it or even dismiss it. Maybe even intrigue for a second because your feeling some way about a person or your mad but you move on. We don't pursue it . So when we have thoughts of our past why pursue that. If your not willing to kill someone than why go back to someone? Why is it that we should intrigue that thought but not other thoughts we have in our day to day existence. Also you need to think of those past thoughts differently. Sometimes thoughts of the past and/or person represent something is wrong in our present . Sometimes we are unable to do something about or we don't want to confront it so we move back wards. So this is something to think about when you are thinking about someone from your past. This is an opportunity to remove a blockage.This is your brain saying you need this out of your  present data because its causing blockages with your future.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fishy thoughts Self Worth

I have been doing allot of spiritual work on thy self , yes. It's amazing how Satan has a way to bring our fears and hurts to life. This can be a blockage for us or this can empower us. As I'am learning and growing through the wisdom of Kaballah. I'm learning to not allow others to affect me. Because the reason why they are attacking or reacting negatively towards me it's not because of me. But because of what they are going through in their life and looking for an outlet because they can't see beyond their reality or their emotional life .
 Right now , even though I did two to Michvah's which are baths you do to get rid of  all negative attachments , and chakra opening so I can receive more light energy and more of God's love. I'm still being harassed by my mother. The problem with my mother is she does the samething I do for a living. She's very oppressive towards me and very jealous of me. So when she no longer  needed me and ego started taking her and controlling her . The universe removed me from her situation . The universe took me on this journey. A not so easy journey, so I can learn how to be a stronger person, so I can understand the self better. Till this day she harasses me on the youtube. Wanting me to give up what I do because in her mind. If I stop doing what I'm doing she'll be famous and she'll make more money.She has so many accounts on youtube pretending to be other people, it's sad. It's sad to me that I have to watch my mother go through this. She's not as spiritual as I thought, she has so many issues and instead of dealing with them. They come out as negative emotions and she chases away the people who really love her.She can't see what she's doing how sad.  She's been doing this all my life which is even sadder. She has been devaluing me and breaking me down all my life. I use to allow this to affect in such a way . That it would take my peace.When I had something good happen to me it was taken away. Because I wasn't allowing me to have because I didn't deserve, so I thought.    Now I see that this devaluing a part of me. This is me not accepting me for who I'am . This me devaluing myself and not accepting my talents and being ashamed of my self. Because all my life from 0- 35. I've given her power over me, I allowed people to dictate my direction in life. I allowed people power over my situation. No more because I value the true and unique person that is me.  So as she continues to send hurtful negative comments on the youtube. They no longer affect me because I realize thats the old me. I realize she's having frustration with her career that she has to come over and attack me, my own mother. We should be helping each other grow not hurting each other but loving each other .
The lesson here as we are going through are mercury retrorgrade, saturn returns, and saturn doling out blessings and lessons. That person in your life who is making you shrink into yourself and causing you anxiety. Look with in yourself,what are you disappointed about with in yourself , what is it  you are not liking about yourself, what are your denying in yourself? Finding these type of answer are going to help you find better answer to these problems that constantly happen. Granted she will continue this thats okay is it going to shake me up , no . Because I know this is my purpose, and I know the more she continues to evil eye. The more blessing that will come to me. Happy travels traveller and may your journey be more sweet  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I'am getting ready for Rosh hasHanah  . Every year I go to this and every year in August at this time four planets are in retrograde. Making you look at you and what you need to work on . This year I find myself being a deliberate creator. Meaning  I'm going to focus on my trip and do things like save money for my trip. Like focusing more on positive things and picking and choosing my help. Why because this is what works for me when I'm trying to create what I want. I deliberate  pick and choose  what I want in my movie.
This summer has been difficult for me because two of my grandparents on my husband side are passing. I learned that when I focus alot on missing them and being sad nothing happen with my money situation , nothing change with the number of subscribers on my youtube. Once I came to that realization that I need to not allow other people's journeys and situation affect me. I deliberately started turning my energy around. By delving more into my thoughts by choosing to be at peace.By making peace with their death and seeing it as a form of rebirth and yes they will be miss. The point is when the energy is difficult like that and it's affecting our reality we have to change our thoughts.
Sometimes what I notice doing readings alot of people say they want thing but their actions are saying something else. Example with the exs or those one night stands that come into our life. We have to remember or question why are they coming back into my life. Do I have karma or a past life with this person. Or maybe you did this action to this person  in this life so now you are watching karma. You have to question the relationship. Also when you move backwards especially with relationships know that nothing will change, it just repeats itself. Still the result is the same.  So why  go backwards because you are not ready for change, because your lesson is to learn to see with your logical side rather than your heart. So beaware when you are trying to be deliberate creator in your life. Be honest with yourself , when your trying to change. Because we all have something we really want and sometimes we are so blinded by the flaws of others that we can't or choose not to see the flaws with in ourselves.      

Sunday, August 9, 2015


01.Taurus if there planet Venus is not afflicted are pretty loyal and looking for a committed relationship. Remember on their time not yours and you'll be fine 
02.Cancer: Just watch your man when Mercury rx hits because he will be looking for all sorts of way to get back with his girl 
03.Capricorn:Sometimes likes complicated relationship and will see you but also see someone else. 
04.Aries: Gets bored , if you can't keep it interesting than is on the hunt again .
05 Sagittarius long as you give him space and trust him. You'll be fine but when you start assuming stuff than your in trouble and some of them can be commitment phobes
06.Leo: If you are not treating your king like the king than he'll simply pick up a mistress from his kingdom
07.Gemini:Seeing is believing with these guys, if there lips are moving and nothing is happening be concern
08.LIBRA: Sorry carebear but you can be a bit of the pathological liar. But I love the way you Lie.They will most likely cheat because you've figured them out or when things get real in the relationship.
9.PISCES:Boredom,there good for two weeks too 3 months and then they get bored because they are lazy in relationships. Try to find different dramitical ways to keep it interesting like adding other women
10.AQUARIUS:Like I said the sex aint good they are on their way out plus if they figure you out, they are on the way out.
11.SCORPIO: Are secretive , and get bored in relationships especially when they figure you out. Everything is on the down low why I do not know. Most likely not to leave their spouse for you, you've been warned
12 VIRGO ; They don't communicate, their feelings or desire,let everyone else know but their mates in regards to their desire. More than likely to have an online relationship. More than likely to not leave their spouse so you've been warned

Saturday, August 8, 2015

something fun

Aries: Most likely to hunt down their love conquest
Taurus: Most likely to pick up you up near where they live or at their hang outs
Gemini: Most likely to pick you up on line, or on a dating site
Cancer:Most likely to fall for anything you say 
Leo:Most loyal, aka your first stalker
Virgo: Most likely to have an open relationship but forgets to tell everyone else about it
Libra:Most likely to rush into a relationship
Scorpio: SECRET LOVER,or you maybe in a love relationship, we don't know yet until they tell us
Sagittarius: Most likely to meet them at a party or club. They are the one doing all the cool dance moves with all the cool lines,SUAVE
Capricorn:Most likely stalking you on line just say hi to them already,DAM 
Aquarius:Most likely to meet them on a gamer site because your level 20 
Pisces: Are already making wedding plans on the first date

Friday, March 27, 2015

Our mind is like a home: Fishy thoughts

In order to make room for new things you have to throw out the old, your mind is like a house. And as soon as you get your house organize and rid of old things or ideas that no longer work, then the house feels different and brighter. So think of your mind as a house you don't want it cluttered, and you don't want a lot of old things collecting dust because you can't put anything new in it. So your doing the samething with your mind when you hold on to old things or even negative people who aren't growing or changing they're kind of like weeds. Suffocating the beautiful flowers trying to growing. Samething with friends,some are like weeds. They suffocate the flower and the flower can't grow. Then the weeds take over and the garden is ugly. This is what happens when we are surrounded by negative people. Or even people who are constantly saying negative things and are pessimistic. It changes your mood , sometimes it's draining and can make you tired. When that happens just like the weed they took your good energy and feel good about themselves.
Think about this the next time things in your life aren't going well.  Sometimes it's us and are emotional self and what we are thinking all day long and sometimes it's the people we associate ourselves with     

Monday, February 9, 2015

Perspective( FISHY THOUGHTS)

Every Mercury Retrograde, I seem to write something or be inspired to write through my journey. I've been reading comments on my facebook and on mine twitter about arguments with others, and issues with other people are coming up. The problem we can say it's planetary because Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Bring about this need for one's personal freedom or bringing out the need of the EGO.     Ego talks a lot about this time because Mercury rx shows what we want and some of us it's time to be alone, or peace and quiet. It's hard to obtain at home especially if married. I feel that when we talk about our situations, and take the other person's situation and compare the two. It gives us an opportunity to relate to each other. For example, my husband and I, my husband use to be a delivery man . He use to whine everyday about how he would clean and clean , sometimes not even get lunch. Now he's an account manger. I'm still a business owner, a mom, and a housewife. I clean my house but sometimes with all I have to do , I want him to help me . Instead of sitting on the couch watching me clean. So I don't yell at him because my feelings are coming from a place of ego. My feelings are being reactive so I must keep going; I know you have to develop a certain discipline to keep ego at bay but as I change spiritually so does my situation and the people in my life. You'll notice every five years we are not in the same place we were in five years ago.     I told him this and I could tell he didn't understand so I put things in perspective. I said " remember how you felt as delivery man cleaning while everyone stands around." Instead of getting into to a reactive screaming match and fighting because thats what my ego lives for. I change the script, he understood better, and he said I 'm a lazy person. He said, he will be more aware of my needs and situation and he's going to work on it.  We didn't yell, we came to a compromise and an understanding of where we are coming from.    This is an example of perspective, because when you make your situation relatable to what another person be through you have an easier time coming to a solution and understanding each other. You also have to talk with yourself and ask is this coming from a place of Ego, because not everything is about the other person sometimes it's just about you going through some emotional changes or needing to change somethings about yourself.