Monday, November 23, 2015

Fishy thoughts: White candles n' affiramtions

This week as I'm feeling inspired with my adult coloring book, and have all my candles lite for my intentions to go out to the universe. I was reminded again by a viewer that as part of voodoo tradition,and part of my upbringing . I should do a video about candles. Well I dunno about that but I will write about it , because I'm feeling that creative direction.
The white candle,I like the white candle because it delves into Kabbalah and using that candle light energy to draw in literally spiritual light energy. Also I use white candles to call in those who have passed away . To help me connect with the angels in relaying messages or prayers to them. Also what I like about candles especially white candles is writing my intentions of the candle. And letting the candle melt them away.
I do this by getting  a white candle stick make sure it's not one of those that are encased in glass. Any size candle stick will do . I know how to make my own so my energies are in there so those would be even better if you know how to make your own. You take a pencil,a tooth pick. You begin to write your intentions, and what you want. I'm coming from a different so instead of asking for things that I want. Because I know that God and his angels all know my intentions and that they will come to fruition. I begin to ask God what he would like for me to do, and I thank him for all the blessings so far and the blessings that are sure to come. You can do this, especially this week with the full moon in Gemini on Wed. Which is about planning, creating goals and planting seeds . To put your intentions on to a candle so they can manifest . But don't put your intentions to harm some one else or else because Saturn in Sagittarius , you will get that Karma back quick.Set your intentions on there and when they start to come Thank God for the blessings so he can bring more into your life.