Wednesday, September 28, 2011

monthly horoscope for October 2011

This will be an  overview of my weeklies, there a little bit longer than my weeklies check them out

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venus in Libra

Next week venus enters Libra for those starting a relationship or in a relationship, we also have to remember that Saturn is in Libra so becareful with relationship because Saturn may change your relationships because that person maynot be the one for you. This combo right now  is not a very nice setup especially next week they are some other hard aspects like uranus retrograde and pluto direct in capicorn so lots of fights in relationships next week. Also becareful that you are not fooling yourself when it comes to your relationship because sometimes we put on our rose color glasses and were not bein realistic when it comes to relationships. So we put that person on a pedastal, or we may make excuses for them no bodies perfect but right now saturn is going to be the bad and say their not perfect for you no matter how hard you work on it , i think for a lot of people this year and next it's all going to be about learn to be with yourself and letting go. More about you, are you good enough for you, revaluating , stuff

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'am twitter away  at mmorehoroscope , i just want to see what i've been missing or not missing

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This week we have Jupiter trining the Virgo sun, this would be a good week manifest the things that you want in life, if you believe in the law attraction now is a good week to stay positive frame of mind, to not allow the bad thoughts come flowing to you head, and not allow people comments or remarks affect you emotionally, which is allot to ask for because for some people they have to gnaw on things they can't help it. I ran out of thought till next time  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept 05,2011

My weekly horoscopes are up for this week i got a new webcam hope everyone likes it

Friday, September 2, 2011

Uranus in retrograde in Aries

I feel very sorry for Aries right now because they are all sorts of emotions, and driving their partners crazy.  They are being  knit picky, and very much a debbiedowner, but this is all thanks to uranus in retrograde in their sign.  Aries sign right now wants freedom and change, they want it so much and want to move on that they are fustrated and taking it out on everyone around them.  Aries only has till December of this year till it goes direct and I feel for some it's going to be the sooner the better. I feel next year is going to be a relief forAries and the horns will be out and watch out because Aries is going to be aggressive and go after change  next year,but for now it's like waiting at the bus stop so just wait at the bus stop and try not to walk to your next destination, because my Aries you'll just be no fun

Saturn in Libra

Saturn is in Libra till Sept of 2012, right now Saturn is taking people out of  your life,  or you maybe having a difficult time right now.  Well what is going on, Saturn is trying to put you on the right track  so if you  find so many obstacles  happening to you or you think you have no luck . You may want to change your way of thinking, the negative things you might doing because it maybe conflicting with your destiny.  This year till Sept 2012 is not a good time to force change, so what ever you have a blockage in you may want to asses what are you doing either on a subconcious level or on a mental that is blocking you   

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