Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venus in Libra

Next week venus enters Libra for those starting a relationship or in a relationship, we also have to remember that Saturn is in Libra so becareful with relationship because Saturn may change your relationships because that person maynot be the one for you. This combo right now  is not a very nice setup especially next week they are some other hard aspects like uranus retrograde and pluto direct in capicorn so lots of fights in relationships next week. Also becareful that you are not fooling yourself when it comes to your relationship because sometimes we put on our rose color glasses and were not bein realistic when it comes to relationships. So we put that person on a pedastal, or we may make excuses for them no bodies perfect but right now saturn is going to be the bad and say their not perfect for you no matter how hard you work on it , i think for a lot of people this year and next it's all going to be about learn to be with yourself and letting go. More about you, are you good enough for you, revaluating , stuff