Friday, September 2, 2011

Uranus in retrograde in Aries

I feel very sorry for Aries right now because they are all sorts of emotions, and driving their partners crazy.  They are being  knit picky, and very much a debbiedowner, but this is all thanks to uranus in retrograde in their sign.  Aries sign right now wants freedom and change, they want it so much and want to move on that they are fustrated and taking it out on everyone around them.  Aries only has till December of this year till it goes direct and I feel for some it's going to be the sooner the better. I feel next year is going to be a relief forAries and the horns will be out and watch out because Aries is going to be aggressive and go after change  next year,but for now it's like waiting at the bus stop so just wait at the bus stop and try not to walk to your next destination, because my Aries you'll just be no fun