Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello happy traveler on this journey called life, sometimes called what the hell and other names. This week, I don't mourn but my husband family mourns a 17 year old boy. He was more like a vegetable, he couldn't see , he couldn't hear, he couldn't speak, he was wheel chair bound, and he was fed through a bag attach to his stomach. What a burden to take care of , why does God do such thing. This boy had such a powerful message to give. For 17 years his father and sister took care of him. His sister got a lot of flack from the family because she got paid by the state to take care of him. He began to lose weight and she was accused of neglect, some of the family wont even speak to her , so sad.
I believe God created all of us to serve a purpose in life, not to live and be part of our agenda. God already knows your wants and agenda, he created you. I believe this young man's purpose was to teach his family foremost patience.  When we are dealing with it, to still be happy in our current situation no matter what, and to be at peace. In vedic astrology, they would have said my cousin was going through her Saturn return and had a karmic lesson  with her little brother.  A saturn return in vedic astrology last for 10-13 years by the way.  She had to learn patience, and to put other people's needs first, and to love him no matter. She probably didn't learn that growing up at home with her family or she probably didn't learn it in a past life. I feel she learned her lesson and her family learned her lesson because he was taken so soon.When she talk to me about him, she would smile. Sometimes in life we have to have experience with people whether we want to or not , to close a past life chapter not to create new ones.Some of us learn it quickly and others of us it takes a life time.  What ever situation you are going through, it's temporary , it may feel like for ever , it's not. Thats your ego telling you it's further and you'll never get out of this situation. This week During Rosh Hashanah try to put your agenda behind you, pray for others, be kind to each other, and very important one tolerate each other opinions and actions.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello,Hello,Hello happy travelers. As I begin to swim in thought. Talking about the power of words today."Why is it that words have the power to evoke feelings in us? For some of us ,like myself to take things personal and seriously . For others, they'll be like what ever and on with their life, I seriously wish I can do that. For me words make me react. Words do hurt me so how do I remedy it. I don't look at the words, I don't read the comments. My reality is actually quite and peaceful. Not one person has anything negative to say to me. My life is pretty boring but I like it .  In internet land everyone has a thought and opinion  on something,hell I do too.  I'm not vicious like some of the comments made by others, but I like to comment too.  Even in our reality people saying nasty things to us they hurt. Why do we take them personally , why do we give power to their words. 
This is an exercise to work on this week and through out our lives, because this is part of the human experience is to learn to tolerate what others say.  To learn to be indifferent but at the same time know when its constructive criticism and they are not just beating us up. We have to realize we are in control of our emotional self . We have to realize when the words are meant to hurt and when they are correcting us . We have to learn that this is your reality and you can pick and choose what you want in your reality. Me I choose to listen  to the corrections that I need to make from family and friends,some will be honest others not so much. I choose to surround myself with people that make me happy. The more peace of mind we have the closer are angels come to us to give and receive messages from God. The closer we are the more we attract into our life the things and situations we want in our life.  You can choose to listen to the negative words, or you can choose to be positive and look for things that make you happy as to not get you off track. From this day forward when some one is going to say something you don't want hear. Tell them don't give me that negative energy,keep it to yourself. Then even when your friends are crying to you and draining you. That is a sign that they are taking away your good energy. Tell them stop, call me when you feel better and we will talk. We have to choose are situations that we put ourselves through. We want nothing but the best so sometimes we have to remove ourselves from negative people that put us down. Even our own parents when were old enough we have to move out and live our lives. Sometimes we even have to confront the situation in order to break the negative energy.By saying stop, this is my story not yours ,I want positive things in my life. Just by saying "stop it", we acknowledge the energy and it is broken.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello Happy Travelers, as I swim through life and life is good,God is good. I had a dream the other night that I would like to share. As I go through these blockages and start to rid the layer of onion to get to the true self. I feel I have to share my journey to help others understand their journey.  
   In the great words of Martin Luther King, "I had a dream". Not that kind of life changing, save people dream, not that dream. I would like to share something from my Kaballah classes before I start and from the Zohar. I 'am not allowed to share my dreams because if others dismiss it , it becomes a form of the evil eye then the dream wont come true. If you talk about your dreams to people make sure you talk about them to people who care or don't talk about them at all. Kaballah deals with the metaphysical and spiritual wisdom.
   Anywho my dream, I 've been having a lot of dreams with my mother in them. We are constantly fighting in my dream. Two nights ago, she was telling my client and other people how horrible I was. People were telling me this again(p.s.she's done this in real life). I didn't say nothing to the people but I went to her. I told her "you have all these powerful connections." You have all these movers and shakers in the entertainment industry but you were so about your agenda." God gave you many opportunities to help me."  Then I woke up, I wanted to be an actress all my life, thats it. I did a visualization board when I was 28 and asked on the vision board," what is my destiny." Viola here I'am . What does this dream mean, the meaning of this dream is to not wonder about what if and to not to feel guilty about what you did because I needed to do these things to get to this place.
   We can not be about the past; we have to about the present and where we are now and not think of the what if and the regrets.  We have to let go of that past. The past was suppose to happen we were suppose to grow from it and learn from it and move on. We cannot linger on the what if and the regrets because they were meant to happen to get us to the present.     Everything we do in life was either a lesson or serve a purpose to help us move to the present and into our future.
  Relationships are the same way, sometimes are love relationships or infatuations are meant to move us out of the place we are in and then leave. That person served their purpose in our life. For some they literally move us into another state,literally. We have a purpose this is where we need to be right now. Friendships the same way we learn from each others mistakes and help each other grow. Sometimes we have to leave each other because their agenda or our agenda doesn't match, or where they are spiritually  and where we are spiritually doesn't match. Like attracts Like , it's a scientific fact    

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Deep fish thoughts, how deep this fish can swim

I think my purpose of my life is to go through my human journey and have some of these experiences to share with others. This month, I'm going to SanDiego for Rosh-Hannah. I will admit for a bit my faith was shaken because I spent so much money on this trip so much so I'm broke. My faith is being tested because I was in lack and thinking in lack  this must be fake Kaballah. Why am'I in lack, right now I don't have a phone, and I can't pay my bills. My month of August was horrible. I kept reading my cards to see when it will get better. Finally I stopped because I should have known better. Because in are darkest moments there is God, in are darkest hours there still hope and faith.
I'm still broke but I should have seen and acknowledge the blessing my family received before we went broke. My landlord gave us  more than enough vegetables to help survive the month of August. I took it as another sign as God is going to bless me with abundance, because we had so many vegetables from his farm we shared with my husband family. This was my test for me, did it change yes. I didn't run and blame my husband for the lack of money in our life. I stop blaming Kaballah because when I was really going through it. Kaballah pulled me out of my emotional self. So this experience that I'm going through is my journey to Rosh Hannah, a sign that I will receive greater blessings.  I have to go through this lack to appreciate the abundance coming after Rosh Hannah. So my mental state is peace, I've been working on myself emotionally with my husband, so I feel lighter and my faith in God is stronger.
When we are going through lack , we have to take this moment or month to realize it's not forever. Prayer really works when we are in the emotional tar and we have to acknowledge the sparks of miracles in our life. God is listening  and we have to be at a state of peace. You can't allow yourself to have negative conversations when your going through it because you'll continue to go through it. Then when your not going through it , you'll feel like you are going through it and not notice or acknowledge the blessing around you. Are emotional dictates how long you'll be in lack. When you stop having the negative conversation with yourself . Your life begins to change.
Take this time when your going through the lack to start praying everyday to God. When you prayer you can't threaten , don't make promises you can't keep,and don't force the prayer. Like your having a conversation with yourself . Also when you are having conversation with yourself start everyday saying positive things about yourself, because your hypnotizing yourself into being that way, so it comes to pass. Take this  time to clean your house throw at old things, old food because you want new things to come into your life. This I experience through hurrican Katrina. My mom made me give all my clothes away and she said God will give you more clothes because he sees you don't have any. Sure enough I had a ton of new clothes,it's something to think about. When we donate to others we bring light to ourselves and sparks of miracles

How Deep a Fish Can Swim

I had a thought , hello happy travelers on this human journey having human experiences. As I begin to remove the layer of skins this onion has. I began to realize I gave all myself to others. I allow other people in my life to control me.
I'm learning to listen because when you listen to other people. They will tell you what they think is the matter with you. So, I listen and discover yes they were right. I don't like to open about my self, because I was always told "nobody cares and nobody wants to hear about your problems." For five years I've been happily married with this problem. I never opened up  to my husband nor any of my friends. No one wants to hear my problems and my voice is obnoxious (true story).This is not a story to make you feel sorry,so don't cry me a river or cry for me Argentina. A lesson on how when we let go of past hurts or what people say, we get back our peace of mind and are power. Let go of the past , how by talking about those things that hurt you, open up or write them down. Another suggestion would be when you are experiencing situations that don't make you feel good to change the conversation in your head. Because God created us in his image and we have to learn to see each other as divine beings. Instead of doing that we judge each other when really we are a reflection of each other. If you are calling this person names it's most like because you are not happy in your life, because of lack,loneliness or insecurities. People are not the reason why you feel these negative feelings its yourself giving people permission to make you feel this way. For a lot of  us , it's confidence. When we are not certain in ourselves nor have peace of mind we develop these negative feelings. What ever your situation is today start with an affirmation, I'am because I'am is one of God many names. I'am going to be successful, I'am going to be triumphant. I love that word triumphant because it invokes the trumpets inside me . You cant force these things you do have to be in a calm a peaceful state when you say affirmations and have faith that God and the angels are listening.  We are part of the creator so create a positive more fulfilling life for yourself.