Thursday, September 11, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello Happy Travelers, as I swim through life and life is good,God is good. I had a dream the other night that I would like to share. As I go through these blockages and start to rid the layer of onion to get to the true self. I feel I have to share my journey to help others understand their journey.  
   In the great words of Martin Luther King, "I had a dream". Not that kind of life changing, save people dream, not that dream. I would like to share something from my Kaballah classes before I start and from the Zohar. I 'am not allowed to share my dreams because if others dismiss it , it becomes a form of the evil eye then the dream wont come true. If you talk about your dreams to people make sure you talk about them to people who care or don't talk about them at all. Kaballah deals with the metaphysical and spiritual wisdom.
   Anywho my dream, I 've been having a lot of dreams with my mother in them. We are constantly fighting in my dream. Two nights ago, she was telling my client and other people how horrible I was. People were telling me this again(p.s.she's done this in real life). I didn't say nothing to the people but I went to her. I told her "you have all these powerful connections." You have all these movers and shakers in the entertainment industry but you were so about your agenda." God gave you many opportunities to help me."  Then I woke up, I wanted to be an actress all my life, thats it. I did a visualization board when I was 28 and asked on the vision board," what is my destiny." Viola here I'am . What does this dream mean, the meaning of this dream is to not wonder about what if and to not to feel guilty about what you did because I needed to do these things to get to this place.
   We can not be about the past; we have to about the present and where we are now and not think of the what if and the regrets.  We have to let go of that past. The past was suppose to happen we were suppose to grow from it and learn from it and move on. We cannot linger on the what if and the regrets because they were meant to happen to get us to the present.     Everything we do in life was either a lesson or serve a purpose to help us move to the present and into our future.
  Relationships are the same way, sometimes are love relationships or infatuations are meant to move us out of the place we are in and then leave. That person served their purpose in our life. For some they literally move us into another state,literally. We have a purpose this is where we need to be right now. Friendships the same way we learn from each others mistakes and help each other grow. Sometimes we have to leave each other because their agenda or our agenda doesn't match, or where they are spiritually  and where we are spiritually doesn't match. Like attracts Like , it's a scientific fact