Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Deep a Fish Can Swim

I had a thought , hello happy travelers on this human journey having human experiences. As I begin to remove the layer of skins this onion has. I began to realize I gave all myself to others. I allow other people in my life to control me.
I'm learning to listen because when you listen to other people. They will tell you what they think is the matter with you. So, I listen and discover yes they were right. I don't like to open about my self, because I was always told "nobody cares and nobody wants to hear about your problems." For five years I've been happily married with this problem. I never opened up  to my husband nor any of my friends. No one wants to hear my problems and my voice is obnoxious (true story).This is not a story to make you feel sorry,so don't cry me a river or cry for me Argentina. A lesson on how when we let go of past hurts or what people say, we get back our peace of mind and are power. Let go of the past , how by talking about those things that hurt you, open up or write them down. Another suggestion would be when you are experiencing situations that don't make you feel good to change the conversation in your head. Because God created us in his image and we have to learn to see each other as divine beings. Instead of doing that we judge each other when really we are a reflection of each other. If you are calling this person names it's most like because you are not happy in your life, because of lack,loneliness or insecurities. People are not the reason why you feel these negative feelings its yourself giving people permission to make you feel this way. For a lot of  us , it's confidence. When we are not certain in ourselves nor have peace of mind we develop these negative feelings. What ever your situation is today start with an affirmation, I'am because I'am is one of God many names. I'am going to be successful, I'am going to be triumphant. I love that word triumphant because it invokes the trumpets inside me . You cant force these things you do have to be in a calm a peaceful state when you say affirmations and have faith that God and the angels are listening.  We are part of the creator so create a positive more fulfilling life for yourself.