Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello,Hello,Hello happy travelers. As I begin to swim in thought. Talking about the power of words today."Why is it that words have the power to evoke feelings in us? For some of us ,like myself to take things personal and seriously . For others, they'll be like what ever and on with their life, I seriously wish I can do that. For me words make me react. Words do hurt me so how do I remedy it. I don't look at the words, I don't read the comments. My reality is actually quite and peaceful. Not one person has anything negative to say to me. My life is pretty boring but I like it .  In internet land everyone has a thought and opinion  on something,hell I do too.  I'm not vicious like some of the comments made by others, but I like to comment too.  Even in our reality people saying nasty things to us they hurt. Why do we take them personally , why do we give power to their words. 
This is an exercise to work on this week and through out our lives, because this is part of the human experience is to learn to tolerate what others say.  To learn to be indifferent but at the same time know when its constructive criticism and they are not just beating us up. We have to realize we are in control of our emotional self . We have to realize when the words are meant to hurt and when they are correcting us . We have to learn that this is your reality and you can pick and choose what you want in your reality. Me I choose to listen  to the corrections that I need to make from family and friends,some will be honest others not so much. I choose to surround myself with people that make me happy. The more peace of mind we have the closer are angels come to us to give and receive messages from God. The closer we are the more we attract into our life the things and situations we want in our life.  You can choose to listen to the negative words, or you can choose to be positive and look for things that make you happy as to not get you off track. From this day forward when some one is going to say something you don't want hear. Tell them don't give me that negative energy,keep it to yourself. Then even when your friends are crying to you and draining you. That is a sign that they are taking away your good energy. Tell them stop, call me when you feel better and we will talk. We have to choose are situations that we put ourselves through. We want nothing but the best so sometimes we have to remove ourselves from negative people that put us down. Even our own parents when were old enough we have to move out and live our lives. Sometimes we even have to confront the situation in order to break the negative energy.By saying stop, this is my story not yours ,I want positive things in my life. Just by saying "stop it", we acknowledge the energy and it is broken.