Friday, March 27, 2015

Our mind is like a home: Fishy thoughts

In order to make room for new things you have to throw out the old, your mind is like a house. And as soon as you get your house organize and rid of old things or ideas that no longer work, then the house feels different and brighter. So think of your mind as a house you don't want it cluttered, and you don't want a lot of old things collecting dust because you can't put anything new in it. So your doing the samething with your mind when you hold on to old things or even negative people who aren't growing or changing they're kind of like weeds. Suffocating the beautiful flowers trying to growing. Samething with friends,some are like weeds. They suffocate the flower and the flower can't grow. Then the weeds take over and the garden is ugly. This is what happens when we are surrounded by negative people. Or even people who are constantly saying negative things and are pessimistic. It changes your mood , sometimes it's draining and can make you tired. When that happens just like the weed they took your good energy and feel good about themselves.
Think about this the next time things in your life aren't going well.  Sometimes it's us and are emotional self and what we are thinking all day long and sometimes it's the people we associate ourselves with