Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deep Fish Thinking

Hello happy traveler on this journey called life, sometimes called what the hell and other names. This week, I don't mourn but my husband family mourns a 17 year old boy. He was more like a vegetable, he couldn't see , he couldn't hear, he couldn't speak, he was wheel chair bound, and he was fed through a bag attach to his stomach. What a burden to take care of , why does God do such thing. This boy had such a powerful message to give. For 17 years his father and sister took care of him. His sister got a lot of flack from the family because she got paid by the state to take care of him. He began to lose weight and she was accused of neglect, some of the family wont even speak to her , so sad.
I believe God created all of us to serve a purpose in life, not to live and be part of our agenda. God already knows your wants and agenda, he created you. I believe this young man's purpose was to teach his family foremost patience.  When we are dealing with it, to still be happy in our current situation no matter what, and to be at peace. In vedic astrology, they would have said my cousin was going through her Saturn return and had a karmic lesson  with her little brother.  A saturn return in vedic astrology last for 10-13 years by the way.  She had to learn patience, and to put other people's needs first, and to love him no matter. She probably didn't learn that growing up at home with her family or she probably didn't learn it in a past life. I feel she learned her lesson and her family learned her lesson because he was taken so soon.When she talk to me about him, she would smile. Sometimes in life we have to have experience with people whether we want to or not , to close a past life chapter not to create new ones.Some of us learn it quickly and others of us it takes a life time.  What ever situation you are going through, it's temporary , it may feel like for ever , it's not. Thats your ego telling you it's further and you'll never get out of this situation. This week During Rosh Hashanah try to put your agenda behind you, pray for others, be kind to each other, and very important one tolerate each other opinions and actions.