Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How deep a fish can swim

So last year around this time, mercury rx my friend was seeing or trying to see this guy. They fooled around and what not, he just wanted sex but she couldn't see that. She convince herself there was more(this is why I don't give free readings). I kept telling her nothing is going to happen , let him go , she couldn't, so literally for whole year I listen, all I kept saying to her you know how I feel. This goes in with the bread of shame, how the person going through the problem doesn't want to listen or change. So, I let her talk on the phone, cry , drain me of  my energy then finally because my son started feeling her energy too and he would cry. I told her she's no longer allowed to call me when she's depress, so she texted,loop hole, but that was fine the text didn't last long.  because I kept my answer short and simple.
Now this mercury rx comes along , and she finds herself in the same position I was in last year with her. Her friend is about ready to be a doctor and take an exam. Her boyfriend of so many years decided to break off the engagement because he doesn't want her to be a doctor.  Instead of letting this go and working on her degree, she decides to sleep around every doctor friend she knows. Sounds nothing like my friends story right, read this. So now the friend is hung up on one doctor who has a girlfriend. She calls my friend everyday and cries to her about this man. This man only wants her for sex and thats it,Voila the side chick.  There's more to do this story but I'm trying to make it short.
My friend tells me," I sometimes don't want to pick up the phone." " She's always crying and being depressing, but she keeps making the same mistakes." Here's were deep fish comes and show the crab some light. I told her, this is the same situation you put everyone else through last year. Just like her you didn't change, you didn't listen, and you spiraled down this hole of depression.  I told her this is your lesson, so you can't help her because she's not going to take your advice. You can learn from her because this will happen to you again. And when it does don't spiral see the relationship for what its for, and be realistic. Ask yourself is this sexual or is this love question it, question him. Remember  this because this is a dose of your own medicine because the universe is showing you and giving you a taste of what you put everyone else around you through. This is not a harsh lesson but it's a lesson in how to be realistic and honest with yourself  and to not drain others of their energy especially when your not going to listen.
Deep fish thinking, life to  me is a circle everything no matter how many circles there are it repeats we see it again, we may not notice it, or recognize it but it's there. If you stand outside the circle and pay attention, you'll see you've been there done that, you'll see how life just repeats. The whole point of this step out of yourself and look at your situation.