Friday, June 13, 2014


I've been in probably about 5 relationships in my life time, my first sexual experience was when I was 18 years old, and I've been in engage twice. Two of my relationships have been over five -3years, so in that two years of being single I've met some crazies.
 From my experience I learned don't trust men on the internet, when men talk it's just talk actions speak louder than words. If your man on the internet is saying he loves you, why don't you come see me and he doesn't pay for your ticket , red flag.  This means that he doesn't want to invest in this so called love relationship and it's just a booty call.  When men don't spend money on you, it means that they are not invested in you. Women are investments because we represent a relationship and we represent future. When a man start to complain that about spending money on you, and your expensive abort the relationship immediately, because he's going to turn into a weird what was I thinking moment.   If he has coupons to every restaurant he's making that effort to take you out.
 Also under the same breath I did like a lot of free things such as going to the beach sitting there and talking, I ate that stuff up or even watch me go shopping at the mall love it, I have a bag boy my favorite.  Don't allow him to get away with that all the time because this guy here was my first love and he's a five year relationship with no signs of change.
I will be writing more about relationships because this is what I'm  good