Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daily Journal

I'm going to write this week so far since yesterday has been weird energy for me.  Edgy energy I think it's the planets with mars and pluto in hard aspects this week , that have me looking at my self  in ward. Why do I keep looking in ward because with all thats going on around us, or problem there's a reason, YOU. I am the cause of my problems or what I allow in my life, and sometimes when we start changing are way of thinking or habits we change are movie. Right now, I'm trying to save up to go to Roshannah in San Diego California,I'm very anxious about  because I really want to go so I can gain light energy. Light energy is positive energy that when you tap in it, it protects you from the affects of the planets, evil eye, or crisis.  I love light energy because it helps me feel saner when my moons are out of wack lol.    Also when I take my Zohar classes, it makes me feel more at peace.
Anywho, this trip is 1600, I'm not trying to get money out of  people because I work hard for my money and God does not look kindly on people who ask for donations and who are capable of working.  Because then you'll see how those people never really change and everything stays the same for them and they don't spiritually grow. If any you try to help me , I will send your donation to the kabbalah center and me and my teacher will pray on your name and you'll receive a letter from the kabbalah center, so know thats where you money went. Why am'I writing about this , because it's weighing heavily on my mind because I want to have enough money to pay my bills and I want to go. The famous pisces trait excessive worry so what do I do with this energy. Look for an out let like I'm doing right now writing out my thoughts. Knowing that it will happen and having faith it will happen. Then if I'm still having this energy prayer, or even a physical activity like cleaning or exercising will help get rid of this energy . I find when I'm focus on something it helps me release this energy out to the universe. Anywho, I 'll put it out to universe and see what happens I will be in SanDiego  September 24-26, I do have a break so  I know I will be doing a small meet and greet , but no readings