Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mercury retrograde by Marie Moore July 18, 2012

Mercury Retrgorade, I feel highlights the things you  really want,  and the things you  need to work.  This mercury retrograde listen to yourself, notice what is the desire, notice the difficulties, because really these are reflections of  ourselves. We want  a relationship , we are getting depress because  we dont have what we want, will to get love  you have to learn to love  yourself and be okay with or with out a relationship, when  you do that the universe notices that  and brings you a relationship, because either way your happy with yourself with or with one.  You may experience lack, so what are  you lacking  in yourself then try to  fullfill that need , or maybe like an onion  you have to work through the layers of onions to find why  you work or think that way and change. Mercury retrograde to me is all about working on yourself and loving yourself, and except the real challenges as  your healing process
This is an article I wrote about mercury retrograde last year, I thought, I should bring it back as a reminder. I added my own personal experience that I find my self in now. We learn are lessons through out our life  three times:   past , present and future. 
 I feel like right now, I'm going through a lesson to practice what I preach.  Someone in my life is calling me a liar. This person did this twice now, I know to let this person go because when people do you wrong twice or turn on you so quickly , no matter how much Help you gave them , it's time to let them go. If I allow this person in my life the third time I have no idea or I do have an idea the crap that is in stored for me. Unfortunately, no matter who it is in your life you have to learn to let go, watch the signs around you. If it's not coming from a place of love, or sharing or inspiring you to grow, but instead trying to hurt you  and cause drama in your life even though you done nothing but help and that person wants to play victim, let them go. This person will always be the damsel in distress in her movie.Let the victim go because they are not worth having in your life and don't want to grow and change. This has happen to me twice now in my life with another person. I know my actions that I did which was offering this person free help, and allowing this person to take up my time, when I could have been doing readings for others. This was my choice and I fed into the bread of shame, now this person wants to think I have contacted their friends and talked about their problem. What this done for me in the spiritual sense because I thought this person would change is take away a blessing from me aka a credit in heaven and also send the evil eye on to me.    I have no time in my life with yearly reports,hand written and natal chart interpretations hand freaking written to sit and call people. I don't even call my friends nor my husband everyone calls me.   By the way I do this for living , this my lively hood, it feeds my child , pays my bills, and helps me give to charity.  I'm so appreciative of my talents.I wouldn't jeopardize this for the world, I was meant to do this I was inadvertently trained to do this.   Alot of people in my life dismiss what I do , people think I don't have a job, but the IRS knows this is my career ,and God knows. I will not devalue myself to fit into your square box. Nor will I go out of my way to scam someone because everything in life is cause and effect. God gave me a gift to help others , to service others, God gave me a purpose and I'am forever grateful. I will never do anything in this life time or in the next to jeopardize my gifts. I'm stepping off my soap box, so the moral here it's okay to let go of those who do not benefit or treat you right , no matter who they are