Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daily Journal

              I've decided to take time out every night or every other night and write about my day , thoughts, experiences or other people's experiences in order to help, or inspire others to change for the better. I've been wanting to do something new and I think I'm going to start writing about my experiences, not about my readings with my clients but my own experiences. I have  done almost everything except drugs, puff, puff pass twice in my life and it doesn't agree with my body, I'm allergic to life.
             Any who tonight , I think I will make this one a long one, but I want to write about why I don't give free readings. One it's about my self worth and just like anybody else with special talents or trade in general, it needs to be acknowledge that I'm giving my energy and time to help you change and in turn I need some thing back from you. Plus when I give a person a reading the client normally feels better after the reading  while I feel tired and lethargic afterwards. I have given my client or the person I'm helping my good energy and I receive nothing in return, but Marie you done a good deed. My reply no I have not because there are different types of help that we are not aware of. There's helping someone just to help not because spiritually you know your going to get some credits from God  which is really hard so you have to act upon naturally like a reflex. Not thinking oh I did a good deed credits in heaven; good deed doesn't work that way.   There's enabling someone, helping even though you know they wont change and bread of shame helping someone because you think you are doing a good deed and continuing to help them even though they don't want it which becomes a form of the evil eye.  That is why I charge people for what I do because if I do free readings then I'm devaluing what I do. I'm feeding myself the bread of shame because the person I'am helping wont change.  I know a handful of people that would argue  with me, this is not a forum for debate and I really don't like to argue which is another topic for another time. Anywho, the second reason why I charge for readings is from what experience dictates. Experience has dictated to me when I help someone for free, to help them to change for the better that person ignores my advice and also my predictions.  That person feels better about themselves because I 'm  giving my energy, but I don't feel better. In fact when someone doesn't change and I gave them free advice and readings, it actually doesn't give me any credit in heaven and turns into something bad for me. When my clients listen and have personal transformation of the self I receive blessings from heaven. When I receive blessings from heaven , it's like protection from the evil eye , from people wanting to do spiritual harm to me. As a mystic and a reader have to be careful when it comes to helping others so I choose to help others in different ways, instead of giving them a reading.  Everything we do, we have to show appreciation for. I have to have some kind of appreciation for my talents or else God will be like she doesn't like what she has then take it away. Sometimes that happens to us one day we are top of the world but because we don't acknowledge the creator and his angel, then  they give us drama ,lack and crisis. I hope this explains, I know some will say not really, but this is a rambling of my thoughts.  Sort of like a journal, because I do like journaling and this would be interesting to see where it goes