Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prediction Charlie Sheen

I'm going to call out Charlie Sheen. Next year from May -September. I wont be surprise if he starts to go to court and people he slept with press charges on him or try to take him to jail , TRY is the big word because Mars goes retrograde next year so he'll get out of it. I predict this news will more than likely start in May. Because he has Saturn transiting in the seventh house of Sagittarius with his north node in Gemini. Squaring his natal Saturn in Pisces. Than his natal Saturn will be squaring the sun in Gemini. With so many planets in retrograde in May of next year. Allot of truth is going to come out because these people have nothing to lose and allot to gain.  And I wont be surprise if it brings out Hiedi Fliess out of the wood work the former madam. So some money will be coming in for her at this time. She may have to testify next year because allot of women now are going to be coming out for the 12 seconds of fame. Plus for money . Allot of the women she use to work with are going to come out of the wood work next year.  I see this all starting when the sun starts to move into the sign of Gemini in May around the week of 23 because it's going to form a square with his 1,5,7,11. All these women are going to be coming out of the wood work to speak up.