Saturday, November 21, 2015

Little info on Saturn conjunct with the sun in Sagittarius :fishy thoughts

The first decant Saggies will feel Saturn affects this year the most because Saturn will be at ten degrees when the sun moves into Capricorn. The sun in Sagittarius with early decants will have Saturn conjunct with sun. 2 decants can feel this energy as well but not the full affect till February and March at 16 degrees. Also Saturn will be going in retrograde at 16 degrees.So the second decants will be experiencing more problems with family and people at work next year. Saturn will go retrograde at 16 degrees so those in the beginning of the 2 decant will feel the affects more around this degree. As well as all mutuable signs next year in March-till August. when your natal sun at 11-20 degrees in fall. Those first decants near ten degrees also will feel this energy later in July and August.