Saturday, August 8, 2015

something fun

Aries: Most likely to hunt down their love conquest
Taurus: Most likely to pick up you up near where they live or at their hang outs
Gemini: Most likely to pick you up on line, or on a dating site
Cancer:Most likely to fall for anything you say 
Leo:Most loyal, aka your first stalker
Virgo: Most likely to have an open relationship but forgets to tell everyone else about it
Libra:Most likely to rush into a relationship
Scorpio: SECRET LOVER,or you maybe in a love relationship, we don't know yet until they tell us
Sagittarius: Most likely to meet them at a party or club. They are the one doing all the cool dance moves with all the cool lines,SUAVE
Capricorn:Most likely stalking you on line just say hi to them already,DAM 
Aquarius:Most likely to meet them on a gamer site because your level 20 
Pisces: Are already making wedding plans on the first date