Sunday, August 9, 2015


01.Taurus if there planet Venus is not afflicted are pretty loyal and looking for a committed relationship. Remember on their time not yours and you'll be fine 
02.Cancer: Just watch your man when Mercury rx hits because he will be looking for all sorts of way to get back with his girl 
03.Capricorn:Sometimes likes complicated relationship and will see you but also see someone else. 
04.Aries: Gets bored , if you can't keep it interesting than is on the hunt again .
05 Sagittarius long as you give him space and trust him. You'll be fine but when you start assuming stuff than your in trouble and some of them can be commitment phobes
06.Leo: If you are not treating your king like the king than he'll simply pick up a mistress from his kingdom
07.Gemini:Seeing is believing with these guys, if there lips are moving and nothing is happening be concern
08.LIBRA: Sorry carebear but you can be a bit of the pathological liar. But I love the way you Lie.They will most likely cheat because you've figured them out or when things get real in the relationship.
9.PISCES:Boredom,there good for two weeks too 3 months and then they get bored because they are lazy in relationships. Try to find different dramitical ways to keep it interesting like adding other women
10.AQUARIUS:Like I said the sex aint good they are on their way out plus if they figure you out, they are on the way out.
11.SCORPIO: Are secretive , and get bored in relationships especially when they figure you out. Everything is on the down low why I do not know. Most likely not to leave their spouse for you, you've been warned
12 VIRGO ; They don't communicate, their feelings or desire,let everyone else know but their mates in regards to their desire. More than likely to have an online relationship. More than likely to not leave their spouse so you've been warned