Monday, June 24, 2013

Karmic relationships

As Mercury retrograde approaches us, yet again. To ask "Have you learned your lesson?" and like every mercury retrograde I will be very busy with readings. I noticed that the fifth house plays a big part in these hot tormented relationships and then I realized that Kabbalistic astrology shows were the blockages in our life lies how we treat each other, good or bad. For some of us the fifth house is about our friendships and children but how you treat them affects our love life. for example Capricorn in the fifth house, this person would climb the social circle, this person always has to run with the popular crowd, likes people in power and will not give others who are not popular the time of day, and has obsessive thoughts and also can be vengeful. Now if this person can acknowledge the good and bad attributes of their fifth, and find those good and bad attributes with in themselves they can stop the cycle of these torrid love affairs that never have a happy ending. Then they would be able to remove the blockages of that fifth house, and attract real love into their lives this also applies to what ever part of your life you have blockages in. You need to acknowledge the actions you do towards other people because these are karmic relationships and not  be blinded by this superficial love but acknowledge that you some how  attracted this person in your life, this on again off, boom bam thank you mam relationship because you treat others like that as well. Also you can tell when the relationship is karmic when you are obsessed because if you truly love someone you let them walk out of your life and know that they gave you joy in your life, and thank the lord for that experience, you cherish it.