Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mercury Retrograde by Marie Moore

July 18, 2012
Mercury Retrgorade, I feel highlights the things you really want, and the things you need to work. This mercury retrograde listen to yourself, notice what is the desire, notice the difficulties, because really these are reflections of ourselves. We want a relationship , we are getting depress because we dont have what we want, will to get love you have to learn to love yourself and be okay with or with out a relationship, when you do that the universe notices that and brings you a relationship, because either way your happy with yourself with or with one. You may experience lack, so what are you lacking in yourself then try to fullfill that need , or maybe like an onion you have to work through the layers of onions to find why you work or think that way and change. Mercury retrograde to me is all about working on yourself and loving yourself, and except the real challenges as your healing process