Monday, July 16, 2012

Venus and Jupiter in Gemini by Marie Moore

July 17, 2012
I feel there is a misunderstanding with Venus and Jupiter Gemini I’ve received allot of emails from different signs in regards to this conjunction and why hasn’t anything positive taken place. Well venus in Gemini, she is window shopping right now to help explain it, she’s looking at all the things she wants and then realizing which is us the individual the lack of not having that thing that we want or the lack of money, so here we go venus conjoining with jupiter through the signs, by the way she leaves gemini on August 8th, then Jupiter will be in a better position to help or bring luck in these houses
Aries: Gemini is in your 3rd house which deals in communication this transit with mercury in retrograde is a difficult time for you when it comes to communication, how you say things and your way of thinking right now may seem a bit onesided or bit aggressive in your speech, because you want your needs met by the other person and they are not meeting those need, right now to remedy this especially with partnerships, you have to compromise even if it’s something you don’t want to do just be more giving of yourself
Taurus: Gemini is affecting your second house of morals and values, and money , now depends what else is going on in your chart this could be a goodtime for money, but then your dealing with the opposite of that which is the lack or something missing in your life, your values maybe changing during this time, and you have to look at what your fighting for and why is it because you don’t want to be alone, security , you have to think and ask yourself these question is it worth it
Gemini: in the first house how people perceive this is going to bring out things that you want and show them to , and also bring out things that you don’t want and show them to you so becareful with your emotions, because with the first house it’s about cause and affect be thankful , allow yourself to enjoy the moment no matter how fleeting or how everything is up in the air because the moment will comeby again and it will be lasting
Cancer: Gemini in the 12th house these are more meaningful experiences that you are going through because these are lessons in your life about you, and your feelings and how you feel do attract what you want around you and more of it so try to keep your emotional self in check, because you’ll see as you start to feel better and more happier about yourself , people in your life will start moving out of your life because they are a projection of you . so watch for the people around, and also this period is better time for you because this is a time to work on yourself and through your experiences you will better understand yourself
Leo Gemini in the 11th house you are seeing people for who they really are, and wanting to be around people, but you want to surround yourself with more people who are more like minded. Now the lack of this you will find that friendships maybe a bit difficult, or you can see yourself around allot more people that you wouldn’t normally hang around with
Virgo: Gemini in the 10th house this will show you the lack , and this might be a fustrating time to the top, and also during this transit you may find people who are of more influence , or affluence hanging around your circle of friends, this could be a time where you decide to go back to school to pursue something that makes you happy or inspires you, or you may take your hobby and turn it into a business
Libra: Gemini in the 9th house this maybe difficult for some libras because they maybe going through allot of obstacles trying to go on their journey in this life, venus in the sign is suppose to create smoothing sailing for some but with saturn the lord of karma this might not be an easy ride
Scorpio : Gemini in the 8th house, investment, other people’s money, partnerships, inheritance, this could be a very difficult time when it comes to relationship because it’s not about the person, things are comming to light right now, and inner demons are showing during this transit so you can be more giving of yourself , and compromise with the other, and learn for your partner on what not to do, and how to behave so you don’t do it. Learn from their mistakes, and be there for them and continue to nurture the relationship during this time
Sagittarius Gemini in the 7th house of relationships, some could be having a very good time in there partnerships, but others could be feeling the need to be in a relationship and maybe feeling lonely during this transit, this is the time you need to work on feeling good about being by yourself , and be happy with you, and be happy with or with out a relationship
Capricorn: Gemini in the 6th house it about you and what you want, and why isn’t anyone else seeing this , and for some there a real need to feel appreciated and recoginize for what you have done and for people to love you for it, continue on doing a good job , know that you are very important to help you get through this transit
Aquarius : Gemini in the 5th house you really know what you want in a relationship and you’ll except no compromise about it , so partners may start showing there flaws and getting comfortable around , and now you get to see them for who, and what they really are behind close doors, You need to tell your partner what you want from them in order to be happy , you need to tell them your needs and how to meet them, not every one is psychic :)
Pisces: Gemini in the 4th house this is a great time to fengi shui the home, and make the home more peaceful or keep it clean so you can feel at peace, and by having a peaceful home more good can come into your life, and those of you who have business in the home this is a good time for those