Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Horoscope November 29,2012

There are positive changes coming for you and long term plans right  are proving  prosperous so go with the flow today

Sudden changes may have you thinking on your feet but do think carefully and try to remain ground  especially when it comes to the next words coming out of  your mouth  

  There could be some challenges today as truth is becoming known  in  a certain situation or  a someone          

Still being affected by this new energy thanks to the lunar moon ride the wave my crabs and let the energy take you

There is something your willing to not share with others, or you are unable to come to a decision today

You are clearing away all that which no longer service you, yes this could mean friendship that you out grown  or no longer have  any purpose in your life, it's okay  you  are  just be more realistic and honest with yourself

Review and evaluate a situation or a person in your life that is not making sense to you, or is not making you happy then make the necessary changes

Today may prove a bit  difficult as things are not moving as fast as you want them too , know that  you have to overcome some of those frustration with in yourself in order to continue to move

Things are really going to start picking up  for you today so try to keep pace as it may seem everything is happening at once

You may really start seeing things go your  way as  new opportunities may come for some of  you  and also  fortune and luck seems to be on your side
  Allow yourself to open about your feelings to those close to you , you maybe suprised that they actually are listening and responding , and are willing to help you out today

For those of you this is a time of  self help , and embracing changes, so expect things to still continue  getting better, for those who own their own business you could see some success in that today