Monday, November 26, 2012

Daily Horoscopes November 27,2012

Today could be poor timing when it comes to task that need to  get done or things you want to do,     expect things to get better .
It is the end of a difficult situation expect things to get allot better now, this is time for cooperation and timing, and patience your turn will come

Lots of  activity  going on around you today, but don't worry just try to  keep up and keep up the pace, work recognition is  possible
Have courage today believe in yourself and protect  that which you have created, this is a great time for  manifesting, and for self discovery
Nurture yourself and others, be careful with  intimate relationship you may need to make a big decision, follow  your intuition

Happy times make for positive long term plans, don't underestimate yourself, assert yourself

A relationship begins a new phase, or  a new one could enter your life, try to deal with challenges in a kind understanding  manner

For some of  you there could be new opportunities coming your way today, but  you  kind of  need to  do  your research  before jumping in  


You could be still in that retrograde mood as you still look back on the past, memories from your childhood could come up out of no where today

Try to look at things from a different perspective,  you may  have to seek out like-minded friends with the same or different viewpoints


Get excited today as you may here some good news, or  news about a new job opportunity, today how ever you feel like enjoying life and celebrating, celebrate because it's Tuesday and no one ever celebrates Tuesday
For some of  you  could find new ways of making money, or money making opportunities could come your way, life seems magical today, a time for positive change, and for some situations in your life are suddenly moving forward