Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daily Horoscope for January 07,2013

You could be a bit more charming than usual today, it's a great time for flirting and for being seen, yes even on a monday.

You  could find yourself connecting with people you didn't think  you have anything in common with as you two find common ground 

Today  you'll be more  focus  on work, or  starting a new health regime, don't be surprise if you  find yourself work  more hours, as you'll be the first to raise your hand , great energy to get things done, come clean my house :)

Brings about a  great time to be around friends a very light hearted  attitude especially with friends and children 

Today  you  are nurturing  your family , and are trying to be there for everyone, but know the fact you  are putting loving energy towards some you love is very powerful

You  might have a problem with keeping your emotional self to yourself which is so not virgo ,  so if  you are trying to keep things to yourself today , good luck with that :)

Today you  could be feeling like spending of  your beer budget on those champagne dreams, try to keep  some  cash for those rainy days 

You could have instinctive approach to any dramaticals that may crop up in your life today

People in your life especially loved ones may try to read you emotionally today, but may find try to figure you  out  to be pretty tough

Today your friends could be  a good listening or  make  you  forget about any stress or drama going on through your life , enjoy them

Today  you  could see what areas of  yourself you  are not happy with as  you  find your emotions being  argumentative or frustrated with a situation, ask yourself why do  you  feel frustrated it could be something you  have not released in your life, or come to terms with  

You  go  with your feelings today  as  you find  that  your logic is  based on  your emotions today