Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My new year's resolution

Today I decided while looking at my Facebook and seeing how I put people on blast that I feel  say really  hurtful things, or when I feel accosted on my you-tube I put it on  my Facebook.   Sometimes I'll admit when you  spiritually know what you are doing, you can do some damage.   Well people  one of life lessons that kabbalah teaches and there are many this one is my  favorite is called character assassination.  When I see something hurtful or someone says something hurt we as human tell everyone, we talk about that person, we gossip about them, we put on the internet via twitter, and other source of media well this is character assassination  this is  a form of evil eye, and I think the most powerful form of evil eye because so many eyes look on  and opinions are form.  Plus we as human beings are have different level of spirituality and some of  us  have many spirit guides watching and reading and agreeing to what was said, wow. So what happens  the spirits start saying oh dear what in justice, and so begins their spiritual beat up, but we as human's don't see it because it 's happening to that person on a mental level nothing is working out for them and nothing good is happening, so I'm publicly atoning for my sin, I can say  I assassinated people characters and I'm sorry , I wont ever do it again, and I'll practice doing so. If I find any ugly thought someone decide to put on my you tube I will not respond because that's me giving energy into bad, I will deleted because others will look on  to that person comments, and even though their not responding their spirit guides are so just beware of what you put out about yourself or when talking about others in this vast social media network. If you would like to learn more about the wisdom of Kabbalah check out a previous article I did about my experience, and there's a number to call to take online course.