Sunday, March 20, 2016


This is a time for working on your self and quitting bad habits.I feel that also at this time  new love is coming into your life. Careful with this person this could be a bad boy or girl coming into your life.I feel at this time, you are getting along better with your relationship with those in authority, or with parents.I see some major decisions coming up this week, the cards want you to know that you are on the right path.Careful when asserting yourself with others because you maybe doing this out of spite.
Not the best enegy here when dealing with people.You diffently have to assert yourself with some of your relationships. Also watch for gossip because your words will be twisted save your text, and emails.I feel at this time the path you choose stick to it no matter what the cost. Your appreciation for what you have earned leads to even better self-control. I feel also this is a great time for love relationship, a new love relationships coming in. I feel these people coming in your life may have mommy issues or be really close to their mother.
Look for an unexpected windfall to have more disastrous consequences than benefits.You did very little to cause all of the endings in your world. You do not have to take responsibility for the weather nor for acts of a divine nature.You are refusing to make decisions as a way to manipulate others.A major upheaval in your life is in the works. If you are comfortable playing both sides now, circumstances will force you to take a stance sooner than would be convenient for you.
 Your are more in control of the destiny of the betrayal or loss of love than you may realize.Someone who was manipulative and responsible for the pain of this situation will avoid having to take responsibility.I feel at this time, it's a recovery period for you in regards to dealing with difficult people. If your still going through it with difficult people, the cards say this to shall pass. I feel also the decisions you make at this time will affect those close to you. Even if you are at disagreement with someone , you can still work towards a resolution
This week there could be issues over property matters , or issues with inheritance for some of you.Discussion over possession is coming up. Also I do see also problems with neighbors coming up. This week, for some of you someone from your past is coming back . The cards don't care for this person for you. Warns to keep this person in your past, but I feel for some of you . Your going to think about allowing this person back into your life
I feel for some of you this is a fun time for you to be single.For others it does indicate a break up happening. I feel also with this energy a favor that someone owes you . Will not be repaid, so take it as a lesson for next time not to help this person out. I feel that the actions or decisions that you make this week. Are done so more out of spite than anything, which maybe a lesson in itself.You are absolutely on the right path and the only thing holding you back from success could be the people in your life who will not leave you alone to follow your own hunches.
An event in your life will bring people back into your life. That you aren't getting along with or these could be old acquaintances.  The likelihood exists that a recent heartbreak will actually soon be seen as a blessing in disguise.You discover an interesting way to make money with all of the pull and persuasion that your unique outlook on life has garnered for you.  Your stubbornness is based on feeling that you are not getting your fair share in a relationship or business deal.
I feel that this week, you'll have an epiphany in regards to your own truth, or deeper insight into "why,the way things are ." You 'll have a better understanding of your life but wont be able to explain to others. Careful I feel at this time. For some of you, maybe using verbal warfare to get your with a situation. Or talking behind someone's back, or throwing them under the bus.Because this retaliation maybe  because you  are suffering about what was spread about you.
Your money problems maybe causing problems with your love relationship; for some bringing it to an end. I feel also this energy brings a new love relationship, but you maybe thinking about it. Because this new love is either long distance. Or your thinking about joining a dating site.In regards to dealing negotiations or the courts. The cards do show things going your way this week. Does show a moving forward energy with certain situations in your life
I see someone taking credit for your work or copying if your dealing social media.There is a dreamy state of wondering just how great your goals might be. Be careful not to indulge illusion without a balanced view of realistic possibilities.Try not to watch other people are doing or what they have because it's making you jealous. I do see that some of you maybe in a predicatment. At this time you are thinking about your next step so choose careful . Think big picture
This week , is a great week for career, or business because people are more cooperative and listening to what you have to say or sell them. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to being held back from taking charge of your own destiny. Quit blaming others and unleash your inner strength.You are battling with a liar who is powerfully convincing.This is a beautiful time for love and submittin yourself to your heart
This is a very social time for you .Also you are seeing what you want to see at this time. Not the reality of the situation. Look for love to be the issue and abandoning everything for it the likely outcome. This is  a great time for career, the cards show growth and leadership.A serious immaturity on your part has caused neglect to a situation that is due for a dramatic upheaval due to being radically out of balance from what is called for. Your behavior at this time will be under intense scrutiny and carry a burden.