Sunday, March 6, 2016


This week you maybe stepping on other people's toes and doing your own thing. I feel at this time especially with work or a group organization you can get away with for now. I feel also friends or coworkers maybe critical of week. This would be a great time for small investment you make will have a big pay off. Also for some of you opportunities for new love interest to come in. This week you may teach some one a valuable lesson. 
Caution is needed with new money ventures or investment opportunities research them really good before jumping into it. I feel also money worries are happening at this time. For some of you thought of making changes with career or with starting your own business.I feel this is an exciting time for money and new source of money coming in. Try to keep positive with money this week  and give your money worries to the universe. 
Major decisions are coming up in regards to female family members or even mother.Also there is allot of gossip around you, either you starting it or them starting to spin their web of lies. Its best for peace of mind not to get involve in the gossip.Also someone in your life may not see your way on certain issues because the are stuck in their way of thinking. Try to be realistic with certain issues because some situations you are not willing to take responsibility for . You maybe down playing a situation.
I feel that there are power struggles with relationships especially at work. Also for some of you love at first sight can happen.There could be problems with a roommate situation let the situation resolve itself.I feel also for some of you thinking about ending a relationship with some one close to you like a mother figure , sister or even a daughter.This is a great time for career and the creative direction you are going in will be successful. 
Major decisions are coming in regards to career, and also career changes. Money worries and problems are coming up. Try to let go of the sense of lack . The stress that you are going through at this time is worth dealing with .Your current success something that others might try to take credit for, or you may find others insisting that you somehow owe part of your coming success to them.   Your stubbornness is based on feeling that you are not getting your fair share in a relationship or business deal    
The emotional connection that you make with your new friends will be deeper and more satisfying, although you will also be risking more of revealing the real you.You need to watch your  emotional self because its creating more problems for yourself. At this time shows people leaving your life also you may not be talking to mother at this time.In your next love relationship the cards indicate that you'll take this one much more seriously. 
A verbally dominant authority figure is taking the joy out of your life. Avoidance makes so much sense.Get to know new people espeicially in love . Because I do see what ever idea you had of this person maybe a big let down. Your current depression or sorrow is based more in arguments and disagreements than it is in a truly tragic occurrence affecting you.Look for a big improvement in a particular area of your life. Also you are making some major decisions that affect everyone around you
For some of you this week your money situations is causing problems with your love relationships. Your love life is ending one cycle and beginning another. It may not be easy, but the big change is predestined and will culminate soon. An affair could be over. An engagement could become a marriage. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to being held back from taking charge of your own destiny. Quit blaming others and unleash your inner strength.
You have to remember that you are more in control of your destiny. This week be a deliberate creator and pick and choose what you want in your movie. The presence of infinite willpower reminds you that the path you want to be on is a path that you can be on. Don't just dream it … be it! Your coming surprise has truly been earned and preparation for its arrival allows you to make the most of it. You manage to impress a very important person with a recent accomplishment. Often that person can be you, and the breakthrough will lead to a newfound level of self-respect.
Your self reliance and your pride can be your down fall or cause you problems, try to forgive and let go. Indicates that a good business or creative climate is impending and that a few other people with whom you are working will help get a project right and make it profitable. People in your life or family may have a big say in your life decisions or the choices you decide to make. There is a mutual attraction between a woman and a man that grows in intensity, as neither party is able to make the move. Unrequited love is often the subject of novels and theatrical productions.To be in love or never love at all
The cards want you to know that someone is coming back from your past and the cards don't like this person for you. I feel that  an event either in your life or this person life is giving you an opportunity to reconnect.A decision to quit drinking or doing drugs is imminent. The step of sobriety is a giant leap .A decision to go at it on your own has at its roots a desire to spite an old acquaintance or family member. Independence will not be as you imagine   
New money opportunities especially investment opportunities are more trouble than they are worth. Pisces should stay away from get rich schemes because hard work really pays off especially for the fishies.  Mastering your moneymaking potential through patient diligence. A commitment to consistency pays off with this card and underscores the control that can be grasped when we aim to control our immediate surroundings instead of trying to take on the whole world.This is a great energy for luck to be on your side