Saturday, February 27, 2016



This is  a good energy for money. I see career opportunities coming up and loans being approved.Also looking at the cards, you need to let go of your money worries, because it brings blockages and slows the process with money.Give you worries to God at this time. Love opportunities are coming up . For some of you, you may find love at work.The cards are showing me that your not getting along with someone. I feel it's a female and you two may come to blows, or you can just walk that would drive her crazy 


I see good news coming your way this week. This is a great time for career and growth with career. Opportunities become open for you to move forward in career. I feel a tragic event or crisis situation brings helps form a strong bond with those you haven't been getting along with . New people are coming into your life and you may even have a deep emotional connection with this person. You need to watch your decisions , you make this week because it's based on your emotional self and not on logic. 


You have a beautiful energy this week with the cards. You are very light hearted and enjoying your life. New love or friendships that enter your life. You may need to stick boundaries on these people, or set limits with them.This week is also a David and Goliath energy. You being David conquering your opponent this week. I feel also for some of you in existing love relationships. You maybe thinking about ending it with the other person or vice versa. 


Major changes are happening this week, try to let go of your hang ups and anxieties with change. The cards show a break up around you , it may not be about you but it's going to affect you too. Also in regards to love this is a transformative period for some of you. For some of you , your life purpose is calling you or may feel that you need to move in a different direction on your path. This could be for better or worst because some of you have lessons to learn.This week the focus is more towards career and your passions which maybe pulling you from your close relationships.


I feel the focus is more geared towards the women in your life. You maybe questioning someones loyalty to you. I feel changes need to be made and you are realizing this as well.  Careful with your emotional self because I see you making major life changes that you'll regret. A point in life may be reached where you are so emotionally disrupted that you need to make radical changes in your world. Try to make them from a place of logic and rational thoughts. Try not to allow ego dictate to you what you should be doing 


I see someone this week turning on or telling you exactly how they feel about you. Try to see this as a good thing. As this gives you an opportunity to make correction or to become more aware of how you treat others. For some of you this is a great energy to be notice more in social media. Success will seem to come in the blink of an eye, but it is an accumulation of wisdom and using your inner strength; a process years in the making that leads to your future victories.


I feel this is a great week for some of you in regards to your emotional self. I see good news coming in regards to career and I do see growth with career. Your work ethics is going to set the standard on how to move forward with your career at work. You need to trust your intuition because it will lead you to the right person that can help you . I do see some of you quitting your job because you are allowing your emotional self and the stories in your head stress you out


This week for some of you , you are mastering a specific area of your life or at least have that specific area cover. I also see that you are trying to make steps towards a sane life style.  Your isolation is as inspiring as possible. Your intellectual or artistic development or other experiments may actually be transformed.If you are business or in court this week, I do see negotiations being peaceful and working towards a resolution. I also see an ending coming up this week in regards to relationships or love relationships. 


Major life changing decisions coming up. I feel this week court is coming up for some of your and for others major business negotiations. The decisions you make now are part of your journey and your life path. When you go with the flow, you'll see how everything works out in your favor.This is a favorable time with business and career. You may impress yourself or you may impress those in management with your work. I also feel when it comes to entertainers your patience and passivity will attract to you someone honest to help you.


I feel the focus is on money. I see opportunities to make more money through investments, or partnerships. I do see people owing you favors or money and even surprise bills. I do see, even though you don't agree with some one and their way of thinking or doing things. You are able to work towards a resolution. This week when you need someone in your life. Their will be someone their doing right by you. I feel also this week , you need to pick and choose your battles. I do see some of your battles being very intense 


I see at this time confrontation and others criticizing you. I feel that you need to take that as construct criticism and listen to the changes that you need to make. I do see you need to think about disconnecting with some one. That is jealous of you. I do see you questioning other people's loyalty around. I also see that silence is your best weapon because you are not feeding their demon that wants to be fed. Some the cards are calling for more inner peace. I feel this is a time for you to see whats really going. So , you can make changes with in yourself or make changes in what you are attracting your reality. 


The energies this week is dealing with personal transformation. The transformation is beginning, and being alone in your own element helps you take the most advantage of this. Artists and musicians make their biggest breakthroughs .Through your spirituality you are able to get deep personal insight into your development. Which helps you get a better grasp on your reality and what is going on around you. This is a great week for job interviews. Or for proving to others that you are right in a argument.