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February 08,2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore

February 08,2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore


If job opportunities come up at this time take remember we are not bound to are careers.We can quit any time when something better comes along. If you battling in court or with a situation , you may not win the battle this week, but it's far from over. Also with this energy, the universe is going to show what area of your life you have mastered. Keep thoughts positive because this could be your lucky week.


Have faith in regards to relationships. I feel this week your lover may be nicer to you or your situation with that person may improve. I do see a dominant person taking the joy out of your life. Avoidance makes so much sense.This is a great time to turn hobbies into money making opportunities. Also plans and projects will work out better than you have planned. 


I see thoughts of moving coming up this week and also for some plans to travel, or maybe someone wanting to visit you. This week it might be hard to argue with you as you are determine to prove your point. Also this week . there is a great opportunity to turn a corner in a specific area of your life. The cards are showing me, that you will be enlighten on your life direction


You are in a good head space to stay on message in regards to creating your own reality. This is a great energy week to follow your hunches.Try to be logical when it comes to what other people are saying to you because some one maybe lying.I also see who ever needs to leave your life let them go. Try not to be manipulative, especially when it comes to dangling carrot in front of someone . In order to get what you want , this is part of the evil eye, and do you need anymore bad karma?


Major decisions in regards to moving or major life changing decisions are coming up . A serious immaturity on your part has caused neglect to a situation that is due for a dramatic upheaval due to being radically out of balance from what is called for. Your behavior at this time will be under intense scrutiny and carry a burden.Also this week for some love at first sight can happen .For others this is a life altering experience you maybe having.


You need to watch what you say to other people especially at work.They may give you their own ultimatums. For some of you preparing for taxes this week. For others discussing about your money matters. I feel that also  for some of you  decisions in regards to love are coming.For some, you are following you gut feeling and yo are not changing that direction for no one. 


This is  a beautiful energy week for you. The universe at this time is very giving to you. This is a great energy for the power of prayer. Watch your thoughts because they will become things. For some of you , your love relationship is the focus this week. For others, someone near and dear to you may give you some criticism about yourself that you are not willing to listen too. Listen at this time because this message will help make your ego smaller


Love opportunities are available for you this week. I do see this being a great week to receive recognition and appreciation, be it at work or with helping others. You'll receive signs or sparks of miracles that you are moving in the right direction. This energy this week is very inspiring and creative.You'll receive valuable insight into your journey. 


I do see you  working on yourself and trying to make a shift from the past or past behaviors.The cards show, you manipulating a situation by not making a decision because you know that you can get a better deal. This is a great energy for self control and will power. This week you might think about cutting things or people out of your life that don't bring you happiness.In regards to authority figures in your life; you may need to speak up once and for all. 


   You need to becareful with other people in regards to decisions because someone maybe misleading you. With your hard work and determination ; you are creating your own reality.There is a greater likelihood that your mastery over events will lead to getting exactly what you want. Some people that call themselves "friends". May actually want something from you or maybe riding your coattails. 


This is a great energy to find love or love maybe looking for you. Also  the cards are showing some of you are obsessed over a situation.You might be planning on dumping a lover and didn't realize that he might take it so hard. Try not to put so much focus on this situation because your thoughts are causing blockages. For some of you , the cards are showing me that you are alienating yourself from others. This maybe because of loss or heart break 


There is an emphasis on money especially making money this week. A great energy for career. This follow your intuition or your hunches.The cards show , that you may feel bad about where you are in your life. Stop watching what other people or where they are at in life. Sometimes the universe surrounds us with these people to show us where are life could be heading. For some of you this week love is emphasis and love opportunities are becoming available for you.