Saturday, January 30, 2016


This week is better energy for you. I feel emotional you may have mastered a specific area of your life and it's going to show this week. I do see good news coming your way so keep the energy positive this week.For some this is growth in career. I also see love opportunities for you.  I also feel that you are going to practice more self control and try  to stay on a saner path


Some one from you past is coming back and the cards don't like this person for you. I do see when this person comes back.You'll be disappointed because they will not take responsibility for their part.  I feel that you maybe also obsessed about a situation or an ex. You need to be careful with your emotional self because you are alienating yourself from others.  


Watch your emotional self because you are worrying or over thinking a situation. I do see an ex coming back into your life and you still have strong feelings for that person . I also see an event going on in their life that brings them back to you .I feel that this is a week of deep personal insight and also a time of fulfillment. You.You need to pay attention to your dreams;as well trust your intuition


You have allot of good coming to you this week.But , you are allowing your emotional self to show you everything that is wrong . Try to stay in the present and appreciate the good coming in and the good times this week. You'll see that you are as not bad off as you think you are. This week you will gain valuable insight into your journey.


There is an emphasis on the battle that you are fighting this week and the importance of enjoying your victory. Your art and creativity will give you a better perspective into your own situation. Try to keep a paper trail at work because someone may throw you under the bus. I do see also someone around you that will be a great assistant to you ; only if you ask for help.
I see plans to travel or someone you love maybe coming back from trip. I do see that you are making changes in your way of thinking and working on the emotional self.Try to be more aware of what you are doing and put yourself in other peoples shoes. I don't think you realize that you are stepping on other people's toes.


Watch your emotional self because this can be a fabulous week or the energy  can be chaotic. It's up to you ,how you want your week to be.I see some major life decisions being made in regards to future. I feel also you are the master of your destiny. You need to work through your hang ups in order to make things happen. I also see some of you thinking about moving as well
This week you may go out of your way to help someone. You have an opportunity  to leave behind manipulative people and other sentimental situations that are unproductive attachments. That might be in the way of your making money or otherwise succeeding at what you love doing.  One or more people convinced of the certainty and righteousness of their cause. Be careful to avoid letting them set an agenda that affects you, no matter how peace loving or open-minded they appear.


Love relationships are the focus this week . You may be waiting for love and not listening to your own wisdom and advice in regards to this situation.The cards are seeing a situation. Where angry words are all around but silence offers you the greatest weapon. I see you manifesting  inner peace in response to situations that are out of your control.


I see some of you thinking about moving .Even applying for loan for a house. Tap into your power of prayer  and your certainty that you will get you house that you want.Learn patience because I do see this being a process. If you are in litigation or a tense business negotiation, I do see a peaceful resolution for you. Try to go with the flow because change is happening and it maybe out of your hands


You have ability to be consistent in regards to what you want or creating your own reality. At this time you are very persistent about doing things your way. That it not going to make allot of friends. Know that the work you have ahead of you is worth carrying.  The cards show,many opportunities to turn your ideas and creativity into money. Look around for all those chances the universe is giving you!  


For some of you changes in your relationship status. For some this can be engaged or for others boyfriend and girlfriend.Keep your energy positive because you are creating your own reality. I do see you receiving blessing from the universe this week .I do see some of you getting a new job or for others new doors opening  leading to opportunities you never had before. The cards are also showing success through projects that you currently have going on.