Saturday, January 16, 2016


You may be questioning some of your relationships.Also exs are coming back this week,remember ‪#‎mercuryretrograde‬. So you are going to feel a deep attraction also towards someone new.Also this is a nice energy for emotional growth and to play a leadership role or an important role in your life this week. The cards this week shows someone playing games with your emotions. I feel this is been there done that with this person, so you maybe over this person as well.

You have decisions to make that result in turn of events be it temporary.Because you have to take into account mercury retrograde so this decision will change again. You meet a new friend that you may have a real emotional connection with. The current success something that others might try to take credit for, or you may find others insisting that you somehow owe part of your coming success to them.This is also a great energy to feel inspired by others and to nurture relationships

This week the focus is on children or people who are younger than you. I feel that, you are absolutely on the right path and the only thing holding you back from success could be the people in your life who will not leave you alone to follow your own hunches. For some of you , you maybe too comfortable were you are which is causing you not to grow. You may want to think about changing your way of doing things because this could be a time/ Where nothing happens and you plateau.

The cards show that the burden you are carrying now , you may have to carry for a bit longer. Your emotional responses are at the core of your current situation.I see two women in your life, one brings out the child in you and the other one is a dominating female. I feel that there are going to be decisions made in regards to one of these relationships.Think of it this way , one is helping you grow and the other one is keeping you right where you are.

i see the energy or someone around you is a bit giving to you. Also with this energy someone in your life may put you in a financial bind. I do see you being a threat to someone in a leadership position.You are comfortable with your own being and better able to entertain yourself. Any need that you had to settle for bad company instead of no company will be a thing of the past.Also there is a situation going on that is a process and for some of you. You are thinking if it's worth it?

There is a turn of events happening to you this week.It may not be easy, but the big change is predestined and will culminate soon. An affair could be over. An engagement could become a marriage. This week you may get involve in office politics.Your playtime is actually valuable in bringing about creative solutions to projects on which you could make money and gain acclaim.You need to take breaks in order to fully enjoy life, socialize

Your emotional desire to get what you want blinds you to everything that you already have. You could lose it all to gain one specific goal, be it a lover or a career promotion, no matter; it will come at a great cost. Your inspiration puts you in the position of being in control of delivering the vision you have. You will most definitely convince a few people. There are manipulative or destructive people in your life who are taking advantage of you without you realizing the price you will eventually have to pay for associating with them.

You need to be careful who you talk too about important matters at work because they maybe twisting your words or throwing you under the bus. I feel also,expect to give an interview, legal testimony or lecture that has a profound impact on the lives of many people. While this could be a highlight in many peoples' lives, a moment that carries such importance. I do see love relationships or career are highlighted and some decisions need to be made. Try to not allow your emotional self to dictate or guide those decisions

I see some decisions coming up in regards of thoughts of future future. For some of this good news is in regards to court or contracts. I do see an ex coming back from your past. The Moon will make your higher consciousness a thing of valuable insight for your journey ahead as well as for those around you.The pain of loss will be administered by outside forces, be they law enforcement or the courts so be careful with your decisions this week.

You need to let your work speak for you. Let the haters hate this week, because you have allot of good around. So don't let their negativity affect you also keep a paper trail at work. This is the mercury retrograde energy there are tempting investment opportunities. See if you still the same after mercury goes direct.I do see love opportunities can happen but these are karmic so buyer beware

I see money opportunities coming your way, but you are right to think before you leap. These second sources of income or small investment opportunities come with lessons.I also see thoughts of moving to a different state for some of you or just playing with the idea. You will be victorious over a more prepared opponent. Legal battles that emulate the David and Goliath tale or this can be competition with some one in business or at work

I feel for some of this energy brings a reversal of fortune.You have an opportunity to use verbal communication to get a deeper understanding of your feelings. The World, look for some of those deepest hopes and desires to be more than just understood.It's like bulldozing a trail straight to your life's goals. I see money getting better, I feel that you are more at peace emotionally, because things will go your way .