Saturday, January 2, 2016

The focus is on family this week, and people coming back from your past. For some of you,people in your life maybe helping you out either financially or in other way. For others you in regards to new experience or trying new things. You need to understand what you are jumping into before you jump.This could be with tempting investment opportunities or money making opportunities. Makes sure you research and learn about this new opportunity because it might be over your head

For some of you new loves are coming into the picture despite the mercury retrograde. I feel for some this new love is someone you know either a friend or some you work with. This is a great time to be single as you may attract more than one potential mate this week. Your focus this week is towards your love relationship, or relationships in general. So careful with how you treat other people, because for some it may bring a turn of events

For some of you this is a fun energy, and you maybe taking advantage of having a second childhood.Look for a big improvement in your mastery over a specific area of your life that has up until now been troubling you. Sunlight is the best astringent in cleaning up an old house and The Sun is the best to enlighten you on the direction your life must take.A bold move you make this week will have it's own rewards.For some you , you may have a great creative break through

I feel you are trying to stay on a sane path with this energy despite confrontations you might encounter this week. I feel in regards to these arguments, you may make some major decisions or start being more aware of what needs to be done or change. Also this week you maybe very sentimental and romanticizing the past. Because you aren't happy with your current situation or a certain part of your life this week. Also watch your ego because you maybe in self denial

You need to follow your hunches this week.You will have good advice to give.Shows good news coming your way. If this is in regards to court you will win or a great than normal probability you'll get your way in court. I do see patience is needed but thoughts of future , future are coming up.Also you may finally be on to someone who is manipulative. Their way of being towards maybe getting old really fast.Also watch your emotional self because you may be over the top causing the situation or matters to become worst
There are manipulative or destructive people in your life who are taking advantage of you without you realizing the price you will eventually have to pay for associating with them.Your isolation is causing you to lose touch with the enjoyable things concerning our day-to-day existence. For some of you,you need to be aware of what you are doing because it causing problem with your personal relationships.

Your plan to gain control is well thought out and should work better than you imagined.You are absolutely on the right path and the only thing holding you back from success could be the people in your life who will not leave you alone to follow your own hunches.The likelihood exists that a recent heartbreak will actually soon be seen as a blessing in disguise.

This would be a great energy to follow your creative inspiration this week.Your power of creativity is very , if your feeling restless delve into your creativity.Also opportunities for love or someone in love you is declaring that you are their type.You might serve as this person's muse, or be inspired by a new love to express yourself artistically to great success.For some of you much needed hope is coming from a gloomy situation

Shows there is tension around, but your not paying much mind to negative people or problems that are out of your control.Also the cards show that you'll find a way out of your mess. Success will seem to come in the blink of an eye, but it is an accumulation of wisdom and using your inner strength; a process years in the making that leads to your future victories.Indicates new and exciting sources of money in your life, truly an encouraging development.

Look for a position of authority to give you great satisfaction. Look for your loneliness to be the thing that is dying. An emotional stability that comes with being accepted by a partner is on its way.Keep in mind the mercury retrograde from the 5-25th of January.The cards are showing that you are trying to stay on a more stable path. You have an opportunity to use verbal communication to get a deeper understanding of your feelings.

The focus this week is on love relationships and business partnerships.I do see also the focus being on past relationships and for some of you romanticizing the past. I also see some major decisions coming up.Know the decision you may make this week will be the right decision for you. I also see things getting better for you emotionally. For some of you good news is coming your way in regards to money or career.

your struggle will succeed in convincing others to come to your side of the argument.Big changes are ahead this week. For some of you this could be a move. Know that relocation will be a difficult adjustment for you at first. The magic experience you are feeling lately is not an illusion, but the excitement of finally having a grip on reality. The Ace of Swords assures that a vision of the world as it really is will come to you in all of its raging beauty and truth.