Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Take care of  business , sign those papers, because you are almost at the finish line to where you need to be, if you don't finish you business you could find some tumbling blocks to go through

Freenemies are coming out to play today beware, something maybe revealed about someone, also follow your hunches you could receive some windfalls

You maybe going through a cross roads in your life or assessing a situation in your life. For some of  you could be leaving a bad situation in your life

Your ideas are  inventive today so share them with others.Your mind could be focus on money, and saving money today. Also this is a day of the haves and have not, so because you don't have what your craving know that those around are jealous of what you have

Take this time  for meditation as you could be receiving message from spirit also becareful with your energy level you could be running yourself ragged today
You support others and their ideas today , also new experiences and lessons are coming your way when people  in your life walk away, or when you decide to walk away from others

All work and no play make the carebears feel overwhelmed today not to worry  even though you'll feel overwhelmed know that others are working behind the scences for you

Today stay positive as you are aggresive with what you want, you worker bee, new beginnings may start today, just make it happen put your ideas into reality
Today you  are trying to balance your budget, which maybe a bit fustrating  as your focus could be on finding a new job or getting a second one to boost your finances
With pluto in retrograde dancing with saturn in retrograde positive energy comes your way today , bad habits may get broken today, it's all good capis  just go with the energy today

When you think you are no where near a victory know that  your quick thinking  will win you  a victory today
Love is in the air for some special fishies today, also today  meditate on new situations or decision that come your way take your time  before jumping into new situations, or relationships