Thursday, May 9, 2013


Take time out of your busy schedule and spend time with those you've been kind of ignoring even though you may not think  so , but  some of  you have been neglecting your loved ones reach out to them today
Follow your intuition today and see where it takes you today; look for a specific  mastery over  a specific area in your life that has been troubling you

Make sure today that the reason why  you are making certain decision or  helping out is with good intentions and not made for your own selfish reason remember saturn is still in retrograde, so be sincere
There is  situation in your life that will resolve itself, also you may have to do with out your pleasure loving self today, take it as a diet for your soul
Today give some lovings to those close who you have been over look because of other stuff going in your life , take time out to show that they count too, and are important in your life

If you need to be heard or market yourself today is the day to do it and be well received with your ideas. Expect to be acknowledge for your hard work  

Today you may have a solution to get out of an awkward situation. Also today for some of you , you may be the master of your own destiny
The opposite of Libras horoscope you are your own worst enemy when it comes to going after your destiny
Follow your hunches with opportunities today,ooo a message from universe for some Sagittarius curtail your partying your ways, meaning slow it down

You can expect a windfall today  or some finical gains coming your way .  Also you can convince people about the way you see the world and they will buy into your vision, so what you selling ??
For some of you , you could be receiving some on job training or  working on your license know that you are on the right path to finical security, also ask for help today at work because even though  working by yourself as it s own benefit , it also comes with its own problems
Today is more about dealing with your subconscious , and for some  fishes acknowledging the power of  universe and simply allowing things to just happen , and going with the flow of the energy today