Thursday, August 10, 2017



You need to watch your emotional self today, you can feel like others don' t appreciate what you do and you can be looking for a thank you or a bit more respect from others. So try to let go of that part of ego, because it's going to cause some major outburst #hornsareout. People at work can seem a bit katty with you. For others of you watch your emotional self, because you are very sensitive to other people's energies. So know or acknowledge which is your energy and which is someone else. Also don't go assuming at this time no one has couth 
For some of you this is making plans for the future. Or this can be getting a loan or good news in regards to property matters, loans or inheritance. This is being on top of certain things like bills or feel a bit more organized or like your getting personal things taking care of . For others of you this is your hard work and discipline finally paying off and moving forward with career or business.  

You need to watch what you do or say around certain company for some of you, you are more about your freedom so there could be some out burst at work. Or you might get up and quit at this time out of anger , or you can say something weird. And others look at you in shock, so cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. For some of you, you are aching for something new or something else to happen. It will your body knows it's coming just try to patient 
You can be accident prone with this energy. Or this can be assuming you know how to do something and you don't . You need to watch your emotional self, your trying to stand out or your not trying to hang around certain people in your life. For some of you , you can have some kind of emotional outburst because you can feel that certain people in your life are using you. This can be feeling like the women in your life don't do much for you, but you do allot for them. This is ego talking so learn to help for the sake of helping 
For some of you can be buckling down with your wallet and learning to take care of your personal affairs with this energy. For some of you this is taking initiative and taking your health seriously , or this can be closing certain chapters in your life and moving on . For some of you the reason why your taking things a bit more seriously. Because you may had some issues with money and not keeping track on where it's going , or this can be dealing with online scams or credit card fraud so careful with money today 

You benefit through the women in your life , they got your back or they can be working behind the scenes and helping you grow. For others of you this is you helping someone in your life out and literally taking them by the hand and showing them how to get things done. For others of you this is you making some major changes in your life in regards to money or business or with career . This is people in your life giving you inspiration or the necessary fire under your butt to make certain changes in your life. 

You have a beautiful water trine today so this can be a fabulous energy with money or your day can be fabulous, or this day can ride you like a bronco on tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy. For some of you , you benefit through the women in your life. For others of you when you focus on other people's problems your problems tend to get resolve. You are more of nurturer when it comes to your relationships. 

For some of you this is depression so watch your emotional self, for others of you this can be feeling the pinch in your money, and for others of you, you can feel like your not getting any where at this time. Not the easiest energy emotionally because your feeling or feelings and things not going your way allot more so its a heavy energy. It's just because the planets are not well aspected, so knowing this we can pick up ourselves , pull your boots straps. Don't allow this energy to get the best of you and keep trucking today  

For some of you this is putting to rest certain things like dealing with court. For others of you this is a great time for negotiations or settlements being in your favor. I feel this can be a very intense time with certain relationships but also you can see right through people's bull so your not as likely to go through certain things or believe certain things some people our trying to tell you. For some of you , your not willing to abide by other people's rules, and kind of do your own thing. There could be power struggles with  people at work or with siblings or even the landlord

Change is happening today. For some of you, you need to watch your emotional self, or watch what your texting to others, or say to others . Because this is miscommunications , this can be you taking things out of context. For some of you what starts as playful banter turns into a full blown brawl. Your either reading in to much what someone is saying to you, or your taking what others tell you to personally. 
For some of you this is not getting along with certain people in your life. This can be dealing with a loss or separation with this energy. For some of you, you need to stay in your lane and focus on what your doing. Because it can get depressing when your seeing where everybody else is at , and your feeling stuck. At this time be more productive for yourself and make things happen for you

Try to humble it down with this energy. I feel at this time you can be looking for respect or wanting to be treated with respect and thats not happening, it's a lost art so be the example to others . Treat others as you would like to be treated today. For others of you this is a good time for business or growth with career, but at the same time humble it down.For some of you, your ideas can seem a bit obtuse for others. Sometimes we have to show others or start and allow others to see the end result of things. You can be saying things that others know that you wont do or tried but than you failed once upon time. So your going to have to prove you can do it and see it all the way through