Sunday, August 6, 2017


This is a great time to initiate or take action. This is a great time to get things done. Your very creative with this energy. For some of you this is starting new creative projects . For others of you this is thinking outside the box.Some people in your life don't want you to fix them , they just want you to help them, or even just take care of them. For others of you expect the unexpect with this energy. You may have to slow down your thought process and  you may have to acknowledge what is going on in other people's lives or acknowledge their feelings
For some of you this can be freedom versus control, or parent versus child with this energy. You have to learn to let go of control and go more with the flow.You can be very slow to change with this energy. Your not open to any thing new today, unless it was your idea. But with a enough push the bull can be suade to eventually move

Unexpected turn of events can happen with this energy. Or this can be some unexpected good news. For some of you, you could have more emotional stability coming up , when you learn to let go and go with the flow. For others of you this can be good news about money or a money situation resolving itself. For others of you, you are learning to trust the process more or trust certain people in your life, and it's giving you more of a sense of freedom . For others of you this is stepping out of your comfort zone and going in a new direction with career
For some of you, you can be more about your needs and ambitions at this time . For others you , you could be more about your lover with this energy. And falling more and more to your love cave never to be seen. For others of you, you can be seperating yourself from certain family members, and this can be a physical move. And trying to claim some independence away from them.

For some of you this is change who ever has to leave your life let them. For others of you, you are not quick to change and it can take a bit of time before you become use too certain people in your life, or your new normal. For some of you careful with your health or you can be accident prone with this energy.For some of you this energy can cause depression

Negotiations or compromise can be difficult . Try to find common ground in order to move forward. For some of you, it's hard to be consistent emotionally with this energy . Your day can seem a bit up and down. For some of you, you can be hanging on your ideals of what you want but you may have to succumb to the reality of your certain and be more adaptable with this energy
For some of you, you can be in a leadership position , or for some of you this is second chances with certain relationships. For some of  you , you are being ask to look the reality of your situation or to face certain problems or issues that you don't want to deal. For others of you, you are being ask to take ownership of your part no matter how small. For others of you, ,you are not about handling details today nor want too, but you have to deal with what you dont want to do
For some of you this can be people coming back into your life. For others of you this can be for some unexpected turn of events with your career. For others of you, your timing is off , and this can also be missed opportunities. For some of you, you need to get a second opinion. You don't have the best judgement today .  For some of you, your not over old fights or past hurts that can come up today

For some of you this is dealing with IRS, paperwork, court, custody battles, or this can be dealing with loans inheritance. For some of you negotiations can seem a bit one sided or unfair because you may not get everything you requested. For others of you, you could be receiving some unexpected news from family members

For some of you this is not getting along with others today. Love relationships can be fragile or there could be power struggles with money coming up or being the issue.For some of you, you can be supersensitive because of other aspects of your life that are out of your control. You could be a bit attacking towards others because of stress. Try to go more with the flow with this energy.

Watch your emotional self , for some of you this can be unexpected turn of events happening or wrench being thrown in your day.  For some of you, you could be feel stuck in your relationships. Or you can come off as arrogant so try to keep the energy humble. Try not to go picking fights with others.For others of you, this is change happening and your being ask to be more adaptable to your new situation at this time.

For some of you don't make promises you can't keep. You can be talking allot of future and your dreams and other people in your life can be leaning on you more to make them happen. For some of you, this can be a good energy for those of you in sells, you can definitely talk today. For others of you be in the present and be more about whats going on in the now. For some of  you this is letting your fears get the best of you. Or you just assuming