Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daily Horoscope December 02,2012

Forgiveness and compassion is called for today, don't believe that you are trapped in a situation because it's just an illusion
You  could  find out something you didn't know about  someone that could cause you some mental anguish, or affect emotionally
Logic and reason win the day today, happiness and peace are your rewards  

Allot of  psychic energy is coming at you today, watch out for deja vus , and follow your  dreams,  I feel that some of  you are feeling the ushering of new beginnings watch the signs

For some of  you today is a time for celebration as good news quickly comes in your way or  exciting news

As we are getting into the holiday spirit your energy today is  beautiful as you spend time with love ones and they boost your confidence things are looking up for you today

You could be thinking about the lack in your life which is going to make you feel restraint be in the present not the future be appreciative of the good and what you have now

You need to be patient right now with the people in your life , you could be  feeling a bit jaded by these people or person in your life, this is  just another lesson you or feather you have to put under your hat and learn from them

Someone in your life is just watching out for your own good, and may offer you an opportunity (job) that's available where they work that will prove very lucrative for you, or they may offer some good solid advice
You could be romanticising  the past today  because of your current struggles today, but once you go through the bitter eventually you'll get to the sweet

Today you  could be thinking about walking away from a situation or person , because you are thinking more about yourself and sanity

You are  able to make the right decisions today, because you  don't allow your emotions to cloud your judgement