Monday, December 24, 2012


This year I started to take kabbalah classes  to help me remove the obstacles,   help understand the obstacles I have encountered in my life, and to heal  from them. I have also used the lessons  that I learned from  kabbalah and use them in my weekly horoscope also when I  give my personal reading to my clients. I want to help others to feel empower, and to love themselves.  I feel by sharing this knowledge with everyone  you could understand, your purpose for being here, and  to give you  better understand where I'm comming from when I do my horoscope .  We are all put on this earth to change for the better and never stay the same.
   Beginning January 07,2013 my Kabbalastic teacher Osnat will be  conducting The Power of Kabbalah 1 classes anyone interested in participating in this on-line class  should  call her at 1-800-268-8945 to  join the class or  to help be introduce to kabbalah, she's a wonderful teacher,  she has taught me allot  since I have taken  her classes.  These classes really do help you  grow spiritually as a person, and having peace of mind is probably the biggest blessing anyone could ever have, so I invite you all to join this on line class, and experience the wisdom that is Kabbalah