Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daily Scopes for December 14,2012

The moon in Capricorn in the tenth house you  really need to feel appreciative now, and you do  this through hard work  and competition, let the games begin

The moon transiting your ninth house in order for others to suede your mind they have to  be  very convincing

The moon in Capricorn in your 8th house  you could be thinking about   your own finical resource as things at work get a bit testy you start thinking more about your options for some, for others you are taking your money and other people's money very seriously 

The moon in Capricorn in your seventh house of relationships TGIF as you are feeling the need to be seen and to party up today, you are bit more aggressive a bit more on the flirty side today

Today  your mind maybe somewhere else with a Capricorn moon in your sixth house , the focus is  not on work today, but play 

Today with the moon focus on your fifth house there is  a need to be more around your family and to  do things together 

The moon in Capricorn , today's moon can help you  develop your greatest potential, and get into touch with your own deep wisdom and guidance, or it could just put things in a better perspective for you

The moon in your 3rd house brings about creative energy, and also  dealing  with  deep healing  energy it's a great time for meditation to connect with the mind, and see what  wonders can happen when you mind is at peace

With the moon in your second house in the sign of Capricorn and earth sign this a great day to start make plans especially when it comes making money , today would be a good day to get something started $$

The moon in your first house  with Pluto  and mars, wow the energy in your first  you could start to go into a different direction, or making some positive changes or necessary changes in your life.   

The moon in your 12th house you are psychically charged today so follow your instincts, and trust them today

The moon in your 11th house you have this need to be seen , and receiving attention today, so expect to be very popular, and to be out and about