Monday, December 10, 2012

Daily Scope for December 12,2012

The moon in the 8th house today is bring about some sexy scorpio energy to you today, bring out the charm, and the sexyness out of aries today

The moon in your seventh house bring about a quiteness about you  as you read others around , and try to figure out the new people in your life

The moon in  scorpio in your sixth house bring about a focus about you today  to bring on your game face at work 

The moon in your fifth house bringing about your  charming side and a bit of flirting today, nothing wrong with   a  little slap and tickle for the ego

People have to understand today that with scorpio moon travelling your fourth, you don't get care if the other person did you dirty or you no longer speak to them, when called upon you will jump in to help them out

The moon in scorpio in your 3rd house of  communications you have an easier time  talking and negotiating with others , helping them see the light( your light)

The moon in scorpio in your second house could have you working over time and putting a bit more of effort to shine at work today 

The moon in your first house today could open up some opportunities for you, or you  could attract positive opportunities your way

The moon in scorpio in your 12th house could have you being more of see what happens kind of person as pretty words and promises are being spoken in the back of your head your thinking seeing is believing

The moon in scorpio in your 11th house could bring about some opportunities  or  could have you being more of an observer and listener as things may start to unfold , or you could hear about some things that may  come to light 
The moon in Scorpio in your 10th house bringing on your game face, and making you the popular one that everyone  is rooting for or want to be around

The moon in scorpio in your 9th house bring a more meditative  energy you  could be feeling this need to get down into the clutter of your mind , and try to put yourself on a better  path or try to figure out how to go about a clearer path for you