Monday, May 8, 2017



TUESDAY :You can be stepping on other people's toes or doing your own thing with this energy. You can be the hunter in this game called love. For some of you new prospect with love present themselves. For others of you, you can be creative with your art   

WEDNESDAY : For some of you this is a good day for thoughts to become things. For others of you good news in regards to business, court, loans, or property matters. Your very good at reading people and situations today. For others of you trust your intuition .   

THURSDAY: Plans to travel are coming up. You may also initiate a new educational project, such as enrolling in school or becoming a teacher, or want to share your ideals and philosophies through the mass media, such as publishing or broadcasting. 


TUESDAY :You need to adapt to others, or to your new normal. You have a difficult time with dealing with change, or situations that you are not in control. I see someone taking control of your work or situation and you not having any say of what's going on . Watch your reactive self  

WEDNESDAY :For some of you, you have a great understand where other people are coming from. You are able to make emotional connection or relate to certain people. You could be an extremely gifted counselor or depth psychologist

THURSDAY:You may change careers, relocate or take on new projects that are very different from what you’ve done in the past. You’ll let the excitement of this time overcome your feelings of trepidation, and making major changes in your life will give you a sense of freedom that you’d been missing.


TUESDAY : This is a great time for making plans, or putting plans into action. For some of you, you can be guided by your intuition with this energy.  For some of you this is making big strides in certain situations.Especially for those of you , who have been working on your goals or hard at work. You can see rewards coming back to you.

WEDNESDAY :You can be frustrated with certain obstacles , people or setbacks in regards to career. For others of you help for the sake of helping.   This is  a great time for planning for the weekend. I do see good news coming up with this energy, for some of you this is benefiting through others, and for others of you this is making emotional connections with others.

THURSDAY:The focus is on your relationships with this energy. You can be given more responsibility with career. This is a good time for those of you in media or social media. For others of you this is socializing more with those who are older than you. For others of this is a flirty energy.


TUESDAY :This is a great energy for sticking to a routine, for some of you this is busy time with career or business. For others of you this is taking more initiative and speaking up. Rather than missing out on miss opportunities. For others of you, you could be receiving over time.

WEDNESDAY :You can be in good spirits with this energy, or you can allow this energy to ride you like a bronco on Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy. So it's up to you how you want this energy to be. For some of you this is having a deep connection with certain relationships. For some of you this is potential love relationship coming or revisiting past relationships.

THURSDAY:People may present new opportunities to you but you are not so quick to jump. For others of you, you benefit through others, and others people could help you grow. For some of you this is a popular time at work or with friends. You can be doing allot of communicating here


TUESDAY :There could be some unexpected news with this energy, or you can be surprise with this energy. Expect the unexpect today. For some of you this is your situation turning around for better. For some of you, this is hearing from some one you haven't spoken too in forever.

WEDNESDAY :You could be thinking about allowing someone into your life, or even thinking about collaborating with someone on a project. For some of you, you are given this chance to shine at work. For others of you, you can have a deeper connection with certain relationships. Where you two bounce of each other

THURSDAY: You are open minded to a new way of doing things. For some of you, you can be put in a more leadership position with career. For others of you this is trying new things or breaking from routine. You don't respond well to those who boss you around, or try to tell you what you should or should not do. You can be "passionate" about what you want, and no is not in your vocabulary today


TUESDAY : A great energy for career, or business. For some of you this is a great time for communications and moving forward with plans. For others of you this is receiving the recognition you want to receive. For others of you this good news coming your way. For some of you, you benefit through media or social media

WEDNESDAY :There could be a lack of communication going today. For some of you, you need to be adaptable to others. You can be controlling with your relationships.Try not to repress your feelings but explain yourself and where you are coming from.Some things that were hidden can be revealed.

THURSDAY: Watch your emotional self. home life can be difficult with this energy.  You need to be about others, and put yourself in their shoes. And try not to make it about you. Do for the sake of doing and for the sake of giving. You can feel bummed out because your allowing your ego to get the best of you. Because you want  attention


TUESDAY :For some of you, you can be picking people's brains to help you grow. For some of you this is a great time for school or updating yourself with career. For some of you, you can be inspired to write a book, or do something with social media. For some of you, you are more about the greater good and what you can do for humanity or big picture

WEDNESDAY :You might need to compromise in order to get what you want. Be adaptable towards others. And be about facts instead of assuming . You  can feel the need to control a situation or to have someone do what you want. This pushy nature is only going to create more fight, patience is a virtue

THURSDAY:For some of you this is a fun energy time . People can  surprise you, or people you haven't spoken too can pop out the wood work. For some of you this is a great time  for love relationship. For some of you, you can be more in a leadership position with relationships, and coordinating outings or get togethers.


TUESDAY :This can be great day for thoughts to become things. Taking more initiative with certain things. For some of you starting  new projects with this energy or starting new healthy habits.  For others of you curious about certain subjects.

WEDNESDAY :For some of you, you can be bored with love relationship. You need to communicate that we need to do something interesting or you need to step up your game. For others you , this is power struggles coming up with relationships in general. For some of you not getting along with parents today.

THURSDAY: For some of you the energy brings changes with relationships. For some of you this can be a deep emotional transformation or understanding .You will be more compulsive than usual, be wary of people using manipulation,control or exerting power over you. Jealousy, guilt or other negative emotions may surface, consequently rocky relationships may suffer.


TUESDAY :You need to watch your mouth. You tend to be a know it all and this can cause problems with others. Try not to be on top of people, or overbearing when it comes to teaching someone. If people are asking for your advice than give it, but if not keep it quiet.

WEDNESDAY :Try to go more with the flow because you can have expectation that are far reaching to the other person. There could be some disappoint with relationships in general and questioning other people's loyalty or this can be disappointment in love. Come in with no real expectation of others

THURSDAY:For some of you, careful with helping others because your not going to get that ,"Thank you". You could find that even though you did all you could , you can still get spit on. The blessing in that is that you helped so try to see big picture. For others of you, try to be in a place of gratitude with relationships.


TUESDAY : For some of you , you make great counselors or even teachers. For others of you this is wrenching being thrown in your day and you allowing it to affect the rest of your day. For some of you, you benefit through mother or a mother figure with this energy

WEDNESDAY :This can be a good day for you. For some of you this is taking care of business and things going your way. You can feel empowered with this energy. For others of you this is good news coming in. This is good news with court, property matters or you benefiting through your relationships  

THURSDAY:Moderation is not a concept that you embrace now and your “all-or-nothing” attitude could lead to obsessive or ruthless behavior. It’s important that you keep your eye on what’s best for the larger situation and avoid acting solely for your own best interest, which is very tempting now. You’ll find more positive results if you use your personal power in a conscientious way, and have respect for the power of other people as well.


TUESDAY : Not the best day to make decisions , you do things out of impulse and even saying the first thing that comes to your head. So cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You can be like a psychic sponge and feeding off of other people's energy. At this time try to slow down and acknowledge your emotions or be more self aware of your feelings. 

WEDNESDAY :Great energy for those of you in media or social media . You benefit through others. You can be more about your emotional well being with this energy or your health. You be receiving unexpected good news . Or even reconnecting with someone , you haven't spoken to in a while. For others of you second chances with missed opportunities can come up.

THURSDAY:Good news with this energy. There could be a turn of events with this energy in regards to relationships or opportunities that work in your favor. For others of you this is seeing big picture. For some of you, you know how to get your way with others


TUESDAY :For some of you find opportunities to grow or with career and you jump on them. You are more about your financial security with this energy. For some of you this can be things turning around for you for better. You seeing it more as fluke than a permit thing. IT can be a permit thing just keep it positive

WEDNESDAY :This can be unusual day, this can be sparks of miracles too.  For others of you, your intuition is unusual high at this time. So there could be many moments of dejavu.  You can be generous to others, or more about family. Or there could be lots of communications and visiting with family.

THURSDAY:This would be a great time for business with this energy. For others of you this is good news, and for others of you this is getting things done with this energy. Or even working on your emotional self. For others of you this is starting on new goals or projects.