Monday, May 22, 2017



TUESDAY: Careful with others , you can be questioning other people's motives. For others of you be based on facts and what you see, don't assume. For others of you, your creative life is highlighted. You can be starting new art projects, delving more into your fantasy life or being more about your play
WEDNESDAY:Great energy for business , not the best energy to acknowledge everything else in your life. You can have tunnel vision so try to slow down and acknowledge the other people or things that need your attention today . You benefit through powerful women that can help you today and will

THURSDAY : People or situations can be confusing or even overwhelming. You want to help but you don't know how or where to start. For others of you be about facts because you have a hard time seeing what's really going on. For others of you, don't force others to follow because than you might have to reevaluate the relationship or they might


TUES :Issues with mother can come today because your not doing what she wants. OR this can be disagreements with roommate or other female family members. For some of you, you can be a visionary in your field and teaching others a new way of thinking or doing things. For others of you , you are very creative, and you can see trends to come

WEDNESDAY:Watch your emotional self, your thoughts and views are not getting the popular vote today. It's best to keep your opinions to yourself, easier said than done, I know. Others can be challenging your way of thinking or doing things.
THURSDAY :Very creative for some of you, coming up with money making ideas. It's easier today to get people on board with your way of thinking or doing things. I feel that you are opening other people's way of thinking or doing things. For others of you this is teaching or showing someone a new way of doing things


TUES :For some of you can be over the top with your way of thinking or doing things. This is going to cause power struggles with relationships. So try to tone down your way of thinking or doing things.This energy works best if you have no set routine or not on any particular schedule. You do for the sake of doing. Because this can be day where you get nothing done if you plan for it    

WEDNESDAY:For some of you, you are learning something new. For others of you this initiating change in your life. For others of you lots of communication going on with friends and family.For some of you, you are offended because others are taking credit for your work. OR they are not giving you the acknowledgement you want. For some of you, instead of communicating your feelings, you can be messy so try not to be messy and communicate your feelings

THURSDAY :Very interesting day lots of changes going on. Even making plans with friends for the weekend. You tend to be a great problem solver with this energy. Have the  beautiful ability to understand people and know what people want. For others of you, you could be starting a creative project, a great energy for media or social media, or even a great energy to write a book, or start a website All about getting your thoughts and ideas out there  


TUES :For some of you good news is coming your way, an ending of a chapter in your life. OR even this can be something you've been wanting for a while is finally coming to fruition. I see people in your life proud of you , of reaching your goals or finishing up a particular situation in your life .
WEDNESDAY:This is a great time for business and career. For some of you cock those brains today because you are very quick to react with this energy. You can take what other people say or do as an attack on to you. You can be lashing out on others or crying about the situation. Try to take you out of the equation and be more of an observer with this energy

THURSDAY :You can have a difficult time dealing with friends or with coworkers with this energy. Or you could be ask to change and it's not how you envision the change will come or you are being talked into doing something you don't want to do. At this time be open to things that are out of your control . The less you allow it to bother the more the situation will be made clear to you. You can't see big picture because your face with ego and what ego wants to see.

TUES : For some of you health can be the issue today. Try to be more discipline in regards to career, or seeing things all the way through. You can be indulgent and delving into bad habits, or fighting with others who are trying to help you. You can see other people's way of helping as a form of control. And it's not control they want to fix, But be honest with your feelings and say," your not ready to change."

WEDNESDAY:Some people in your life can guilt you into doing things for them. For others of you, you might be trying to make sense of certain situation. Try to be all about facts and what really going on rather than assuming. You can be dealing with a manipulative individual. So when they talk and it doesn't make sense just say , "No.

THURSDAY :Careful how you treat others remember the north node in your house. At this time, you want something , you might not be able to put your finger on that true emotion buried under ego. So take your time to try to figure out that true need, and talk to others about it . You can play some serious head games in order to get what you want for others. Remember everything is cause and effect

TUES :For some of you can be more about your health and well being . Finding new techniques or self help books with this energy. For others of you, you can feel more at peace. For others of you, you can have different options or different directions to go into . You might not know where to begin. For others of you, you have a difficult time sticking to any strict routine.    

WEDNESDAY:For some of you, you can be attracting old and new people into your life . For others of you, you can find your comment to be the most like on the social media page. For some of you, you are quick to jump on to opportunities at work when they open. For others you can be testing out faith to see if it works, through personal experience

THURSDAY :For some of you, you can get very bored with certain situations, even creating fights with others just to make things interest. For others of you this is being the change and initiating certain changes in your life because you don't like to be stuck in routine. For others of you this energy can be about power struggles. Or your views aren't so popular stay off the comment bar


TUES:For some of you, you are trusting your intuition and following your hunches today. This is going to open doors for you. For some of you, you are more open minded today and are willing to try new things. Or more willing to allow someone else to take control and you just follow  

WEDNESDAY:For some of you this is beginning and endings with this energy. For some of you this is starting something new with business, media or social media or this can be starting a new project at home. For some of you, you benefit through travel , or this can be through on the job training and updating yourself on your career.

THURSDAY :For some of you, you can be starting a new business projects, or even starting a book with this energy. For others of you change is happening and you are excited about the positive changes. For some of you, you seem to have everything going your way today, and others may not share that joy with you. So careful of the haters

TUES : This energy benefits musicians, writers, artist, and lawyers. For some  of watch your emotional self. This  energy cam bring about domestic problems or endings with relationships.   If you can see past the disruptive nature of this time, you can effect important changes in your situation that will allow you more opportunities for creative expression and individuality in your work.

WEDNESDAY:/For some of you, you expect more out of others, if you know what I mean. People can disappoint today. For some of you this ending a relationship because you don't trust the other person. And because there is a lack of communication from both parties

THURSDAY :A battle of wills can surface; whatever engages you now typically demands your full attention. Pressure that has built up can propel an issue into the open, and an extreme position can leave you unwilling-or unable-to compromise. Based upon the strength of what you want, you are capable of going to great lengths to get it.


TUES: For some of you this is a great time for graduating or finishing up a course that your taking. For some of you doors are opening up for you as soon as you get out of college. For others of you, the knowledge that you accumulate now is paying off for you later. For others you are in a good headspace with this energy. You can be receiving on the job training.

WEDNESDAY:For some of  you this is starting business projects or making plans. This is a great time for new beginnings in certain areas of your life, or for getting things done. For others of you this is a great time to start a new health routine, or to even get yourself a bit more organize.

THURSDAY: For some of you relationships can be fragile at this time, because your bored in your relationship. For others of you, you are realizing that this person is not your type. For some of you, watch what you say your opinion may not be required today. Miscommunication can happen  


TUES :You can be focus on your career or too focus on career or even on something you doing. Because soon as someone comes in and interrupts you, you are very quick to snap. Knowing this allow the distractions in your life to come. I feel at this time trying to get someones attention , that first idea you had , yeah, rethink other options today.  

WEDNESDAY:Doubts can become stronger, and the more you make an effort to resolve them, the less certainty may exist. You may struggle as you fight your way through a maze of contradictions that can surface, and you may have little or no resistance to the influences that surround you, particularly those that coerce you in some way. Acceptance of powerful forces that tend to detect your weakest points helps to dissipate their effect and clarify their intent.

THURSDAY : Trust your intuition today, you can be guided by your intuition and it can lead to some fun experiences or even help you to move in the right direction. For some of you , you can be writing a book at this time or starting something new. You can be put in a leadership position and others following your lead


TUES :Expect the unexpected with this energy. Don't expect anything to go right. Watch your emotional self, you can be more about your freedom or doing what you want to do . Before making decisions today , go get a second opinion.

WEDNESDAY:For some of you, you may have to go back to the drawing board, or figure out what more you need to do to create balance in your life. Or to get yourself back into alignment with what you want. You plateau out so now you have to do more.

THURSDAY :Obstacles in your path are overcome with strength and perseverance. Intense desires manifest at this time, causing an uncompromising pursuit of what you want. Be careful not to lose sight of the effects of your actions; you tend to go to extremes. Since your deepest urges are a source of motivation, whatever you start now can transform your life.


TUES :This is  a good time for business, or for sticking to a routine with this energy, you could have the energy to get things done today. For others of you this can be a popular energy time for you. You can take what ever your thinking about and make them into practical ideas.

WEDNESDAY:People surprise you. Chance encounters add excitement to the predictable pattern of the day, and relationships with others can seem more volatile than usual. Your unexpected behavior can catch someone off guard. Too much friction from those around you, however, causes you to break away; tension exists between independence and cooperation. Suddenly drawn to an item that emanates appeal, you likely find its allure ephemeral. Regardless, now is a time to enjoy pleasures that are short and sweet.

THURSDAY : For some of you, you can be feelings a bit frustrated with others. Dont make promises you don't want to keep at this time. For others of you, others could take advantage of your kindness or you can be intimidated by others, or not want to disappoint those in authority