Sunday, May 14, 2017



I see miss opportunities because you kept putting off making a decision or you missed the deadline. For some of you, there are changes you want to make , and if you do decide to do it. It will be a very good decision but just because I gave my answer , you might still think about it. And that could be the miss opportunity that I was seeing.  For some of you, you need to watch your emotional self because you could be crying over spilled milk. For some of you when it comes to relationships. Especially difficult relationships, it's same old ;same old, you can be over this person and their ways of treating you 
This week I see someone you could have your eye on. But at this time , it's more of a thought than action, or you just crushing on this person. Because your not happy at this time where you are at or you feel like your stuck in your feelings a bit. Your not very action orientated at this time. So you need to take more initiative when it comes to people you want, flirt, or when it comes to things you want ask. For others this is creating your own reality or even ending some relationships because you could find them toxic 
I see you'll have an opportunity to speak your mind to a group, or to those who can make things happen. I feel that it will lead to growth or a positive move with career. For some of you this can be a great week. For others of you, you can be sentimental and have a difficult time of letting go of things. Because they represent someone from your past or a time in your life. For some of you, try to go more with the flow with this energy. I see certain people in your life playing the same games with you. I feel like your over it and you could be making excuses not to do things with them. 
For some of you this energy shows change and this can be by your hand. This might be with career, because your not seeing growth with career, but you can find it somewhere else. But I feel this is more of a thought than action,I do see money opportunities or even moving in a different career direction looking tempting at this time. For others this can be a second source of income. I do see potential love opportunities or this is just really heavy flirting. You could be more focus on this person your flirting with. For some of you , it can be getting very serious. For others of you , I see you playing with the idea of moving, it's just not right time for some. For others of you this is a plan thats been in the making 
You need to slow your way of thinking down and be more about your present. Than what's going on in your emotional life. I feel at this time, you can be your own worst enemy and this can be with love relationships. I do see that you need to let go of past hurts or issues. Because you keep bringing them up and I feel this is going to cause problems with the relationship. I feel for others of you, you can be more in your head at this time. Your trying to keep the peace but I feel this will blow up like a pot of boiling water. For others of you stay out of the gossip. Try not to talk to the one with the loose lips. Because this person is just going to get you back peddling what you said. Also keep your receipts because I do see others trying to throw you under the bus. I do see money doing better at this time, and even a great time for second source of income or investment opportunities. 

For some of you, you can be crushing hard on someone, or their could be intense attraction between you and someone else but this might not go anywhere. Because you both are waiting for someone to make a move. For some of you, you can do well with team work, partnerships or collaborations. I do see with love relationship this can be a playful energy, or enjoying  the summer. For others of you, you can be very giving with your time and resources. For others of you this is your money situation getting better. I do see some of you, over certain situations or people in your life. But at this time no change will be made. 
At this time , I see there could be thoughts of moving but you might not do it at this time. I see you having thoughts and ideas that you want to pursue.But don't know if you should . At this time trust these thoughts that you are intriguing. Because it's your intuition talking to you and letting you know of things coming up over the next several month. For others of you, if you been waiting to long or taking your time on a situation. It's either Yes or No, and you need to make your answer right now. I see endings and new beginnings coming up this week. For some of you, this is going to be a very good week. OR a fun week for you. Definetly looking at second child for you. This can be a good time for business or career for some of you 

For some of you, I see thoughts of moving coming up with this energy.For others of you, you can be very sensitive or internalizing allot of things. For some of you there are thoughts of moving to a different state or country with this energy.  I do see you bothered by  a relationship or a situation, and I do see you emotionally dumping on others. So this can get a bit too much with others. If you have a problem with someone don't talk about it because I see it getting back to that person. For some of you this is not getting along with your roommate. For others of you, questioning a relationship because there;s to many games being played and no communication 

For some of you the focus is on relationships especially love relationships. I see trust issues at this time. For others of you, I see new love coming in at this time, or dating. For others of you, I see apologies coming up. For some of you, you can be controlling a relationship or a situation through passive aggressive ways. Careful with this because this can create more problems.I also see lots of long distance communications or online communication going on. For others of you there could be talks of moving to a different country or state.  For some of you , you could be giving a situation life when it's been over and done with years ago. You have to learn to forgive and let go , not worth holding on to.
Careful with the energy, It's all about giving and taking and being about others as well as your own needs. So try to compromise or to go along with the flow. I see crisis situations being built up into a fight and it doesn't have to be . We can always change the conversation to create bigger picture which is more peace. For others of you. I see opportunities for love . But at this time this is more of a thought than an action . For others of you, I see you not getting along with certain people in your life. I feel past ordeals you can't get over. For others of you, you want to do things your way and this can cause conflict or you may not like the way someone else is doing things or taking care of situations. Any change that you are going to make is more than likely going to happen during the month of September. Right now it's just planning and analyzing certain situations

This is a great time to communicate your thoughts with this energy. I feel that this is a great time for job interview, or getting people to see your point of view. For others of you  follow your intuition. For others of you, this is creating your own reality. I see you not getting what you want at this time, but it's not going to stop you from trying to get your way. For some of you, you could be trying to get rid of someone. But this person sees you as their type. For some of you, you benefit through others with this energy. 
For some of you, are looking at new relationships like what did I get into . The pillow talk you two had was allot better than the dating . I see you rethinking this relationship. For others of you , a great week for negotiations or litigation ending peacefully. For others of you something life altering is happening this week. OR this can be more emotional change. Because I do see challenges but I feel this energy brings about emotional growth. For some of you, be more about facts rather than what people tell you. For some of you, you quickly fall for other people views or saying. And it doesn't make it right or them right