Friday, March 17, 2017


Need to learn to emotionally connect with others. Don't fix but listen but also understand when your being emotionally dumped on and create boundaries . Also to be adaptable to the situations and to others


For some of you, you could be stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that are foreign to you. For others of you, you could be changing your look, or your website or even changing your social media pictures and updating them. For others of you new love opportunities or a great time for flirting  can happen today


You can be very creative with this energy. For others of you this can be delving more into the law of attraction or spirituality. For others of you having positive talks with certain people in your life.At this time you are making positive changes in your life. And aligning yourself with things that make you feel good.


You can be family orientated or dictated to a certain path that you are taking in your life. For some of you , you can be more with your thoughts at this time. You can be very quiet today so don't be surprise if people ask if you,"are you alright?" For others of you, this is a time of quiet introspection and trying to figure out what do you really want out of life.


I feel with this energy this is a great time for work or career with this energy. You can be getting the attention of the right people with this energy. For some of you deep conversations with others provide personal insight on what you need to change about yourself. For others of you delving more into faith consciousness and working on your emotional self.


Moon is forming a beautiful fire trine in your sign . You can be very optimistic and playful with this energy. For others of you delving more into your creativity or spending time with friends or with children .  You could have this feeling that you have to get things done ; you have a sense of urgency today  


For some of you, if your having difficulties in certain areas of your life. You can benefit by helping others with their problems. For others of you this can be a playful energy with close friends and family. For some of you this is a great time to compromise with others or even second chances with certain love relationships can happen. For some of you a great time for new love or receiving attention from the opposite sex or same sex.  


You could find the new friends you make maybe more outgoing or active with this energy. This is a fun energy time for you to be more out and about with friends. Or this is alot of communications going on with the social media pages. For some of you communicating more with family. For some of you this is a green light going on inside and you are trusting your intution .

For some of you, you can be going to a special event and getting all day prepared for this fun event. For others of you, you just don't know where the day is going to take you. Your loving all this new adventures and experience you are having . Just come from a place of "Yes"

Who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them. Try not to get involved in other people's pettiness or drama. Because you may find that they could be in the wrong . Also with this energy watch your emotional self. Today your emotional self is trying to reveal to you what you need change. You could find that through other people. So what ever is annoying you about others your probably doing it yourself.  


I feel at this time you are really talking yourself up. Especially when you have to go through difficult situations you don't want to be in or difficult situations that you may leave today. Know that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Your confidence is high today because you are about to do something you normally don't do

For some of you today brings challenges in order for you to change. What was hidden will be revealed and this can be more about your emotional self in what you need to do. So pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell. For some of you this is a emotional reinvention of your character. Today there is a reason for everything


For some of you this is coming up with money making ideas or this can be a great time with media or social media. For some of you , you could have more activity happening with your business today or people talking to you more. For others of you, you can be out and about socializing with others.