Monday, March 27, 2017




I see hurt energy at this time, and you still dealing with hurt energy. For some of you not getting along with those in authority or a male figure in your life. For some of you , you are still waiting for your sorry. For some of you, you wont get this so you have to find your own closure from the situation and forgive in your own way. For others of you this sorry might come but it wont be any time soon that you'll hear from this person. For some of you, you are calling the shots in your life, I see the ball being in your court this week . I see you being more in a leadership position and this can be wtih work. For some of you creating your own reality with this energy. 


For some of you questioning your love relationship. Because of different ways of thinking, for others of you second chances with love but thinking about it this time, and for others this is someone new coming into your life but this person could be younger than you. I feel this is a positive time for contracts and negotiations with money. For others of you mastering your money situation. For some of you this is being inspired at this time. Your very creative with this energy, you tend to think more outside the box. At this time , you are not moving forward with new situation. For others of you this can be expecting big news that will be a game changer in your life 


Major decisions about money are coming up. For some of you this can be money making ideas, career changes or how to spend your money. For others of you over thinking things instead of going more with the flow. I do see you trying to create more happiness and joy around you. For some of you, you are putting to much energy in a particular area of your life and this is creating blockages in other areas of your life. If you were meant to have it , it will be if not it wasn't part of your greater plan in life. For some of you trust your intuition this week it will guide you to the right people or even money opportunities. You have good news with money coming up , a great time for contracts or you benefit through other people this week. 


I feel with this energy, you can be more focus on your career. For others of you thoughts of quitting your job with this energy. But your emotional attachment to your career is what's keeping you there; this is more of a thought than an action. You need to step out of your feelings and look at big picture because there are always ups and downs. Right now this is the down but you have to pull yourself out of this down energy. Also money can be the root of problems with this energy. You need to appreciate what you have . Because others are not very sympathetic about your cause because they see all the good you have. You need to stop focusing on that one particular area that you can't control or causing you the most grief. Focus on other things you can control and that bring you happiness

♌ LEO 

I feel for some of you , you may have to go to court or you have to be giving out your statement towards a situation and this can be with work as well . I feel you are very convincing with this energy. People are listening to what you have to say and they believe your word. For others of you I see major changes coming up and this can be difficult for you. For others of you this is a move  to a different city or country. You might not be adjusting well to your new normal. Your very creative with problem solving and thinking more outside the box. I also see people being proud of your accomplishes and your new beginnings . I see you being celebrated this week  for something you have done


This is a time of emotional changes, removing yourself from negative people or unhealthy attachments. For others of you focusing more on what you love doing. At this time your making emotional changes and for some of you change is happening because of previous efforts. For others of you at this time thoughts of making changes in order to create more peace in your life. The cards want you to know what ever load you are carrying is worth carrying, for now. Money worries or problems can be the root of why a relationship is ending. So try not to  get edgy when bills start coming or you owe more money than you thought. Don't go blaming the other person. For others of you, your worries with money are more in your head than a reality. I feel it's because  you paid your bills , got food , and have gas for your car. But your bank account is looking low. Things change and your money situation will change everything is temporary. So let go of that feeling of lack .  


This is good news with money and your money situation turning around for the better this week, relief is coming. For others of you, if you been donating or praying  or delving into spirituality you can see your returns or prayers getting answered this week. . I see a smooth transition happening this can be with selling a home, job transfer, or even moving to a new home. There is someone at work or a business partner leaving your life this week let them leave. For others of you, you might be changing your way of doing things so you can have more freedom in your life. Or looking for a second source of income this week 


For some of you , you can become trendy on the social media or this is a great time with you for the social media this week. I feel your inner child is coming out more this week. You can be in a better head space or you can be more about your social life. I feel for some of you thoughts of a move is coming up. For others of you, you need to be a bit more patient in regards to property matter or a potential move. For some of you, mastering your money situation or you could be more on top of your money matters. For others of you, you have mastery over certain events and getting exactly what you want 


Major decisions are coming up in regards to your relationships with the women in your life. For some of you good news coming your way; feeling more fulfilled in your life.This week the message is focus more on your relationships instead of your agenda. So this means your putting to much energy on what you want creating blockages. Because sometimes the energy thinks you already have what you want. For others of you , you need to relax more and be more about your play, your inner child. I feel when you start giving yourself breaks; your going to feel the weight being taken off of you. Your going to feel so much better about yourself because it's what you really need right now. Let go of  control and go more with the flow 


Watch your conversation you are having to yourself, because you are attracting into your life what you don't want. For others of you this can be trust issues with certain relationships in your life. Try to let go of the trust issues with this energy. What ever you are putting out , your getting back. I see a relationship or someone leaving your life at this time let them go. For others of you I see good news with contracts or negotiations coming up . For others of you, you benefit through partnerships in general. For some of you missed opportunities can present themselves again also second chances can come back with relationships if you want it too. This is a great time for receiving a roommate , or moving in with your partner, or even taking the next step forward with love relationships 


This is a time of growth for you, the people in your life love you. Know that they are others either sticking up for you , or working behind the scenes to help you grow. I feel with this energy this is a great time for job interviews or to get promoted. For others of you the energy is very giving towards you, or this can be people in your life being very giving towards you. Is it your birthday, HELLO !!I see apologies being giving out to you as well. I feel with this energy you could be thinking about quitting your job. But this might not happen this can be more of a thought. For others of you, I see better money opportunities else where so you may want to grab at it. For others of you I see a second source of income happening with this energy. I feel you need to trust your intuition this week because you are on point, darling 


You need to let go , what ever happen two , three years ago , you need to let go . I do see second chances happening. I do see you still connected to the past. You can keep the memories but those hurts , those wounds gotta heal so you can move forward. Forgive and let love in. I feel your mind is towards the past which is fine. It means you need to allow yourself permission to move on, it means something is wrong in the now. Don't do things to hurt others just because you want them to feel your pain, it's not worth it. . In order to have good to come in you have to let go of the bad experiences and the life lessons. Start to take care of your emotional self. For some of you, I do see this being a recovery period for you.