Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekend & New Moon Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore #NEWMOON #ARIES #HAPPYBIRTHDAYARIES



SATURDAY : Moon in Pisces, you can be getting started on your spring cleaning or working your yard today. You are very action orientated and you have the energy to get things done. For some of you this is starting on new business endeavors, or even starting on new projects .For some of you , you are making changes and you've made up your mind and there is no telling you :"No:.

SUNDAY: With this energy it's allot easier to talk to you today. You are more open to new ideas, new ways of thinking or just having someone explain their way of doing things. You are understanding and easy going with this energy. You can be a bit lethargic with this energy, so take naps.

MONDAY: Be adaptable with this energy, you might not be getting along with the women in your life or they can be a bit demanding or asking to much from you. You have the power to make things happen. You are focus and know what you want with this energy. For others of you have the physical energy to get things done like clean the house. Or start a new health regimen


SATURDAY :  With the moon conjunct with the south node try to be more about facts with this energy. Try to be more about your reality so you can tap into the luck energy of the north node in the fifth house. The more you are about facts and seeing things black and white. And not 50 shades of purple. The more things  tend to resolve themselves out or you get the answers you were looking for .

SUNDAY : For some of you, you need to go through this experience because its your lesson. Right now you have a difficult time listening to others . Who could be coming from that same situation or have a good understanding what you are going through. But for what ever reason be it your correction in life you want to go through this. For others of you second chances are coming up or this can be you trying to figure out what works for you, or you might be testing other people.  

MONDAY:For those of you in the age range 55-60 , you may find yourself in a challenge situation and you may need to take the high road or positive action in the name of peace. For others of you this can be a fun energy time . You are more open minded to new experiences . For others of you this is playing lotto win $5.


SATURDAY: For some of you this is a great time to have a deeper connection with love relationships. For others of you new love can come in at this time, or even second chances with the ex for some of you. For some of you, you are about your freedom, but you need to learn to find freedom in your relationship. This can be your restless energy in general and you taking out on the person next to you. You need to learn to communicate your needs more

SUNDAY:   Expect the unexpected and this is going to be more in your favor .You can be receiving unexpected news at work for some of you. For others of you this can be things turning around with business. For others of you, this is a very social time for you. You could be the life of the party with this energy.

MONDAY: There can be turn of event happening in regards to career but it's more in your favor. This can be positive talks with career, or this can be business picking up.  For others of you watch your emotional self. Because you tend to be a bit of a scrapper with this energy, so cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. People can be demanding or this is energy of feeling stuck. For some of you lots of thoughts and ideas are coming up but right now these are more thoughts than action.


SATURDAY: You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. You can be a bit unpredictable today or you can surprise others because you say exactly whats on your mind. You have no patience for other people's drama. Careful with that because this can be a turn off to others or others may stop talking to you. Think of all the times you have dumped on others so they are wanting you to be there for them .

SUNDAY:For some of you this is a good time for business or those of you with media or social media . For others of you, you can be socializing a bit more with friends and family. For others of you on media or social media or even with career you stand out more. For others of you in regards to your social life all eyes are on you because you stick out more and you are more seen

MONDAY: So much energy in your tenth house. This can be a very social time with you, lots of communications going , for others of you a great time for media and social media. All eyes are on you for better or worst, so be fabulous.  Not the easiest energy when dealing with the men in your life , so try to be adaptable and watch what you say to the men in your life or those in authority.


SATURDAY : For some of you , you are optimistic when you are in a positive environment and people are being helpful and encouraging.  But for others of you, you might need to create a positive environment whether it be at home or at work. Someone in your life can be of a bit of a debbie downer. That might be trying your patience

SUNDAY : When you tap into your creativity or your imagination it brings about an opportunity to heal past hurts, or to have a better understanding of certain situation. For others of delving more into your spirituality with this energy. For others of you , you can be invited to go out or people in your life might do something special with you.

MONDAY : With this energy you can be more about your play, or your social life. What ever you are passionate about that is what you put your energy into . For others of you, you be starting new projects or focusing on your goals. With this energy , you can be planning something unusual to do for the weekend. Or you can be open minded to eating something new or trying something new . For others of you this is meeting someone new from a different background than yours and learning about their traditions


SATURDAY :Not the easiest energy with relationships , I feel you have to be more about other people and their needs rather than about yours .  With this energy you don't take, "NO" very well today. You don't like people putting restrictions on what you can or can't do , so this can make reactive. Try to find freedom in your situation, or try to look at big picture think about what is that you want . What is the end goal before you become reactive on this person . Slow your way of thinking and change the conversation in your head today

SUNDAY : For some of you, you are very loyal to the new people in your life, and even putting them on a pedestal . But don't forget the old relationships in your life those are true and golden. For others of you the focus is on your family and your love relationship. At this time you can be opening up more about yourself. Just remember that you shown your vulnerability now try to stay peace with the relationship or try to stay in that relationship.

MONDAY : You are very determine to get your way with this energy, so much so that "NO" again is a language that you don't understand. What ever it is that you want , you are very determine to get it at this time. You have to try to respect other people's boundaries because getting what you want may come with a price . So don't push others into doing something that they don't want to do


SATURDAY: Watch your emotional self, try to be based on facts with this energy. For others of you careful with health because you can be over indulgent with certain things. You might be fighting with yourself with this energy. Discipline is needed if your watching your waist line or your health. Also  try to watch your spending today. This can be a lazy Saturday , and you might not get anything done today

SUNDAY :For some of you watch your emotional self . Because you could be to much in your head and this is going to create a very confusing time for you. Base situations on what people are doing or not doing for not on their words. Actions speak allot louder, and when you are based more on other people's actions. You can kind of predict what they are going to do or not going to do . But you have to not think with your heart today and be more logical .

MONDAY : I would be careful with the dominating women in your life. You might not be getting along with pushy people at this time. It can be very difficult for you to listen to others. Because you kind of want to do your own thing.  Change is happening with this energy, you have to be adaptable to other people and their request of you.  


SATURDAY : SO much water in that fifth house, watch your emotional life you can be more of a hermit with this energy and staying more to yourself. For others of you delving more into your creativity or home business. For some of you could find out more information about someone you thought you knew. For others you are able to spot fake people a mile away

SUNDAY: Careful with love relationships or relationships in general , you could be a bit feisty today. For others of you, you can be doing financial planning or planning your future with this energy. For others you might start to realize what you need to change emotionally so you can create more balance in your life. For some of you, you can see some extreme behavior coming out of you . That you don't like to see
MONDAY : For some of you this is unexpected good news or positive talks with career coming up. That can have you changing the way you do things with this energy, or getting excited about future, future. For others of you breaking out of your routine today. Can put you in a better mood or it's something that is much needed in your life right now


SATURDAY :  For some of you pick and choose your battles. Some battles are not worth getting involved in . These people in your life all they are doing is showing their true colors. Because you picking sides and getting involved. It's going to turn around you and your going to look like the bad guy. It's best to stay out of other people's drama as much as possible

SUNDAY :You need to trust your intuition today. For some of you this is starting new projects . For others of you this can be moments of deja vu. This can be more of a day of reevaluation with certain things going on in your life. This isn't really a day to do much but to reflect

MONDAY :With this energy there can be a turn of events with career or how you do business. For others plans could change today so have a plan A, B, or C if need be.  For others you watch your emotional self, because you don't like to told "No", and you can get pretty reactive with this energy. For others of you, you tend to feel like others are bossing you around a bit to much when really they aren't . For others of you can be restless with this energy so try to break out of your routine and do something new today or take the long way home


SATURDAY: You can be very sensitive towards others and you can mistake what other people say to you. And take things personally with this energy .  For some of you, your not getting along with the older women in your life or a dominating women in your life. This person is best dealt with silence. Try to be more in your reality, because you are very much in your head and now. And intriguing your emotional self, which can cause problems as others want or may need your attention. Be in the present or try to meditate today to ground you.

SUNDAY : I feel with this energy you can have ideas that you may want to do at this time. But this can be more thought than action. For some of you these are money making ideas that you are playing with at this time. Also with this energy, you can notice the weirdest things now , but it's these things that are out of place that initiate change

MONDAY :  You have the ability to get along better with  others. This would be a great time to work on the self with this energy, especially the emotional self, and change some habits that are no longer working for you. For others of you, you need to becareful with certain women in your life. They may cost you more money than they are worth. Try not to fall for others people's alligator tears


SATURDAY : I feel at this time, your way of thinking is going to change. OR you may decide your way of doing things no longer works for or with certain relationships. For some of you, you could be delving more into your spirituality or even self help books.For others of you, you find the positive in others  

SUNDAY :You can be very creative with this energy, or delving more into your spirituality . For some of you , you are being guided by your intuition and coming up with money making ideas. For others of you, you offer insight into other people's problems, and you bring about healing and understanding to certain relationships in your life.

MONDAY : Today can be a very busy day for you. You can be a bit scattered brain because you do well when you focus on one thing at time. For some of you the energy can be so overwhelming that you actually accomplish nothing today. Also careful with your emotional self because you allow things to get to you


SATURDAY : Not the easiest when dealing with people especially men, you've been warned. Expect weird emails or them just being katty in general to you. Best to stay out of people's way today.  For others of you friendships can turn into relationships, or you can get back with your ex. For others of you, you want to spend more time with your partner.  

SUNDAY :For some of you, you are forming real emotional connections with friends or loved ones.For some of you can receive some unexpected news about someone in your life. For others of you , you could be hearing from someone you thought you would never hear from. OR the last person on your mind. Weird communications happening today.
MONDAY: For some of you, you benefit through your partnership. So your partner could have some good news for you. For some of you this is turning a corner in certain areas of your life. This can be new beginnings coming up for you. For others this making changes in certain areas of your life or having epiphanies