Thursday, March 30, 2017




FRIDAY :Today you are determine to have it your way , and you will . You can be pushy with this energy, but no one else is going to try to push back with you. Because they can see how they will get the horns. There can be powerstruggles with the older women in your life or with love relationships, so try to bend in order to keep the peace. Or try to allow someone else to be in control

SATURDAY :You can receive some unexpected good news. For some of you a good time for business with this energy. For others of you this is changing your emotional self or changing your health. You can be allowing your creative juices flow today,  for others of you, you can be helping someone cultivate their creativity today

SUNDAY: Not getting along with the women in your life. It's time to slow down your train and acknowledge their needs. They could be wanting your attention. For others of you, they could be asking to much of you.

 MONDAY:You have a beautiful water trine on Monday, so it sets the tone for the week. It can be an awesome bubbly week, or this week can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy. So it's up to you how you want your week to be. Be more aware of your true needs and want and go after it today so satisfy that need and want


FRIDAY : For some of you an it's complicated relationship is what works for you right now. You could find your ex coming back into your life like nothing has happen. Your unconventional way of doing things is what works for you. For some of you thinking more outside the box at work

SATURDAY : You can be emotionally restless at this time try to get out today and do something with this energy. For others of you can find yourself burning out fires with this energy. As people try to get you involve in their drama, but it might to much for you emotionally so try to create boundaries. To much up and down with this energy

SUNDAY: Watch your emotional self with this energy. For some of you, you can be attracting into your life a group of unpredictable people or you could be acting erratic yourself . For some of you this is a difficult time with money, try not to blame others for your money worries with this energy.

 MONDAY:Follow your intuition , you intuition is very strong today and it can be guiding you, follow it. For some of you truth can be revealed at work or about a friend, what was once hidden to you is now going to be freely talked about . Also don't gossip the walls have ears on Monday


FRIDAY : So much energy in that eleventh house, you have so much to do today. For some of you this can be a very social time. For some of you, you are not scared to say what's really on your mind. This could be the straw that broke the camels back. Expect confrontation with certain people in your life. It's more because you feel taken advantage of or you feel like they are manipulating you

SATURDAY :You need  to trust your intuition today. Play lotto win $five dollar, for others of you expect the expect with love or new love coming . OR this can be friends visiting you, or talking to someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. For others of you having an adventure or unusual experience

SUNDAY:Not getting along with the women in your life, this could be a difficult time for relationships. This energy can be about learning to emotionally connect with the people around you but also learning to stay in relationships at this time. You could be going through your check list and thinking about what is wrong with your relationship rather than what is right. Try to find freedom with in your relationships

 MONDAY:This is getting things done, you can be more in charge at work and controlling your situation there. Even though you don't have a management at work , you could find yourself calling more of the shots, or even taking more of their responsibility. For others of you, people come to you for advice today


FRIDAY: Home or personal life can seem a bit unstable with this energy. Try not to allow your reactive to be so much involve with whats going. Some of these situations have always been there but depends on your mood thats how your going to react it to it.

SATURDAY :You can be very quiet today and more in your emotional life with this energy. So careful with that because you tend to bottle everything up and than dump on others . If something is bothering you or is wrong to talk to that person instead of everyone else about it.

SUNDAY:For some of you, you could be doing things differently at this time. Or you can be being judge because you want to go in a non traditional career direction. Or your thoughts could be a bit unique and difficult for family or certain friends to grasp. Sometimes you just need to be the example and others will follow

 MONDAY:Change is happening but I feel this is change for the better. Good news is coming your way so try to go more with the flow with this energy. You are more about other people. Today you can go out of your way for a friend or family member, but try not to go to much out of your way.

 FRIDAY :This is a great time for social media or  media, you can find yourself having positive communication from abroad with this energy.  For some of you, you could be thinking about things that you need to change or do, but you need to the motivation to do them.

SATURDAY : You have a beautiful fire trine, you could have some unexpected luck, play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. For some of you this can be a fun time to try something new or even have an adventure today. Try to leave your schedule open because you are having a new experience or even trying something new . Or meeting someone new

SUNDAY: You need to learn to be in the moment, you can have some intense emotional experience but this can be putting your life into perspective. For others of you, you are deeply emotionally connecting to someone in your life.For others of you, you can get to the bottom of things and discover the truth

 MONDAY:Good news with money or with a new job , or even growth with an existing one can happen with this energy.For some of you , you can have some unusual conversation with others. For others of you new opportunities via social media can open for you


FRIDAY : You can be a good headspace with this energy, you might be hearing good news for the upcoming week, or you can be creating more peace in your life at this time. For some of you this is good news with money and things seem to just work themselves out at this time

SATURDAY : Expect the unexpect today, things can turn around really quick for some of you and out of the blue. People in your life may leave randomly at this time. Where every in your life it's been stagnate and nothing been happening all of a sudden. Boom that area of your life is given life and very quickly. So get ready to catch the wave today

SUNDAY:For some of you , you are getting ready for passover and getting rid of allot of things you don't use anymore. For others of you, you have the energy to get things done in general. Today you could be getting along better with your parents or family member with this energy. For others of you , focusing more on your office, or your office space with this energy, or you could be organizing it today
 MONDAY: Not the easiest energy, or it can be . This energy is you taking out what ever doesn't work for you. This can be ending with relationships at this time, but its during the mercury shadow. So this relationship is more like a temporary break at this time. Also you have  a beautiful fire trine so you are making positive changes in your life. Or you are taking more initiative or have the energy to get things done. This energy can also bring new beginnings


FRIDAY:You are action orientated with this energy. Having a clear objective and some kind of plan helps you to succeed. While you are often full of courage, impulsive action, without forethought, can lead to a confrontation-and maybe you want that.
 SATURDAY : You could find sparks of miracles happening with this energy. For some of you thoughts can become things, or business can get suddenly busy with this energy. What ever thought you are putting out to the universe they are being heard. For some of you this is restless energy because your not getting what you want. Sometimes you need to know what it is the true feeling that is causing you to feel restless, and communicate that to others.

SUNDAY: At this time you could be forcing the energy to work in your favor, don't push others or the energy go more with the flow during this time. You'll get what you want so knowing this release your focus from what you want so it can come in. I feel with this energy, you have the green and following your intuition or your truth at this time.

 MONDAY:Change is happening , your hard work and perseverance is paying off with this energy. For some of you this is a great time move in a different direction with career. Or coming up with money making ideas with this energy. For some of you, you have a strong need for change, and you could be starting it this week


FRIDAY: You can be accident prone today so be careful with this energy.You need to cock those brains and watch who you are talking around . Because no allot of people are going to get your humor nor find it appropriate. For some of you new people are coming into your life to put you on your path or to inspire you

SATURDAY : This can be your lucky day with this energy, play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. You can have more thoughts of cavier dreams, and the good things in life now. For others of you this is coming up with money making ideas. Some people in your life might be mad at you today because your not able to give the a quick answer. You like to take your time and mull over things today

SUNDAY: For some of you , you are more concern about what others think, you care more about their opinion with this energy. Let go of that energy because your putting the evil eye on , on what ever it is you want to do. What ever your thinking about doing is more of a thought that you might not even do.

 MONDAY:At this time with the north node trying to makes it way into to the tenth be more about others to tap into this energy. For some of you, you are coming up with money making ideas. Thats great but how will it benefit the greater good keep that in mind when your thinking. This can be a good day with business or career but you tend to be more of a worry wort more than ever. Let go of your fears and doubts


FRIDAY :This can be a good time for business or career with this energy. You can have the energy to get things done or start some positive routines. You benefit through partnerships or through others with this energy. People in your life can be treating you out today . OR your job maybe giving you a money incentive for a job well done.

SATURDAY : For some of you , you could be focus on your home business with this energy. For others of you this is working on yourself or your diet with this energy. You stand up more for any injustice , or you speak your mind more with this energy. I feel that this is healthy because others understand a bit better your boundaries

SUNDAY:For some of you, you are working on yourself. You could find yourself drifting away from your routine, could this be your cheat day? You can be taking it easy today, and this can be lazy you day. For others of you, you can be falling into the lack energy. You can be feeling the lack with out money and can be restless with this energy. Everything is temporary don't allow this energy to ruin what ever your trying to align yourself with
 MONDAY:Who ever needs to leave your life let them leave because they are just petty people. You should feel blessed because they weren't your friends to begin. I feel for some of you, you could have a difficult time getting back into school. For others of you this can be some unexpected news with this energy


 FRIDAY: Today you are working on achieving your goals. Slow and steady wins the race, I feel at this time you know this as well so your not stressing about the things you want because you know eventually it will happen. For some of you trust your intuition today, you could be starting new projects or starting new health routines

SATURDAY : This can be a fun energy time for you, you can be more of a leader in your group planning the outings. For some of you, you are being guided by your intuition with this energy. For some of you , you can feel empowered with this energy. What ever you do today , you are more than likely to complete the task at hand

SUNDAY: You benefit with this energy, when you help others out with their problems. You could find that it makes you feel really good when you do something out of the goodness of your help.Or you help someone  get perspective on whats going on with them.  You also through others can figure out what you need to work on yourself

 MONDAY: At this time you are more about doing you. This energy brings about new experiences coming your way. For others of you, you can be getting out of your shell and socializing a bit more than usual. Even inviting people at work to do something with you. Relationships at this time challenge you, to show you what your real needs are


FRIDAY :This is a great day for business to start picking up for some of you, it can be absolute dead than boom it's like your slam. You’re more honest with yourself about your strengths and personal challenges, and will work to overcome destructive habits and develop more self-discipline. Make good use of this time and maintain a patient attitude in business, and you’ll make great progress in securing your future

SATURDAY : You are making things happen in your life, or really focus on changing your outlook on life. For some of you this can be good time for growth with media or social media. You can Find the more at peace you are with your situation. The more problems tend to resolve themselves out or you even your money situation getting better. You can expect to hear some good news today
SUNDAY: Watch your emotional self , this can bring about endings with relationships because you tend to be a bit reactive. For others of you this is a great time for media or social media this energy bring about growth, but for others of you watch your power tripping with this energy. I feel at this time, just because people don't see things your way doesn't make you right. If they are not ready for what ever message you have to give them let them be.

 MONDAY:For you, you have a different way of doing things. People may talk about your way of doing things or your it's complicated relationship, or even trying to figure out your relationship. Don't give in to their energy because their bored and have nothing going on with them. They may not agree with your way doing things but that is for you to decide whats right and wrong not them, because this is your journey


FRIDAY : You might not be getting along with parent or  certain people in your life. You might even be fighting with yourself or feeling restless with this energy.  I feel with this energy, you have to get yourself out of the box you put yourself in. You create your own limitations and really no one is making these limitations for you but you. Get out of your box and try something that you want to do today

SATURDAY : You could have a good time spending time with your mother or a mother figure in your life. For others of you this is spending more time with your children or those who are younger than you. For others of you , you could fine that you are more nurturing in your relationships at work. You may find that others are more nurturing to you with this energy, or going out of their way for you today

SUNDAY:For some of you, you need to watch where your thoughts take you today. They could be dealing with repress memories that are coming up because you need to let go of them. For others of you, you need to define better your values and what you want from your partner. Because you may appear a bit moody

 MONDAY:You have the energy to get things done, you could feel accomplish or on top of things with this energy. For some of you this is working smarter not harder.For others of you, you can be allowing your emotional self to get the best of you. For others of you, you benefit through those in power to help you today